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Creepy Genetic Powerlifter


Hi, I lift weigts for 4 months and some weeks, but I am kind of weird.

I have pectus excavatum, not horrible

but the most thing that concerns me is my fat distribution and weight gaining

I am 19 years old, but I have almost no body hair and also facial hair

all fat is stored in legs, mainly butt and I don't know, what causes it

my arms are so tiny and upper body is very skinny

power goes up slowly, but I look same

and I have problem with squats, coz I have horrible APT :confused: (like my sister, but she is woman)

1 max rep
DL: 100 kg
SQ: 130 kg
BP: 70 kg

weight: 80 kg
height: 1,9 m




You are what you are dude...work your ass off and lift like a beast. Enjoy lifting and all that. This shit is a hobby man. Just do the best you can.

Based on your description of having a big ass and tiny arms I suspect you may look like a T- REX? So what be the baddest T- REX on the planet!!




Really? Your sister is a woman? That's new...


OK. Hi there. What can we do for you?


ou shit, I am so stupid


So I am pretty old and my bones are what are

I would like to store fat in upper body (next week I go to blood test) and fix APT (I know PE is fixable only with surgery)

coz I really don't like fat on butt, and don't see anyone like me with fatty butt

I will post photos soon




another one


and what should I get tested with blood work?

Testosteron, estrogen, estradial, I don't know what it important


You're pretty old...at 19? Yeah dude, ancient.

Oh, and nice panties.

What exactly are you trying do say/do/accomplish here? I'm way confused.


at first, main problem is APT, that limits me in squats and causes problems in deadlifts, and I wanna gain some strenght to upper body, because, my squats goes up so fast, but back doesn't catch up with and I have problem to carry it on my back

thanks, I hope that wasn't sarcasm :wink:

I would like improve to:

BP => 100 kg
DL => 180 kg (today it was only 120 kg)
SQ => 160 kg

I work out for almost 5 months (with month break, because of my doctor), but I gain only 1,5 kg


Yeah he looks just like a t-rex, steroids are your only option either that or give up weight training entirely.


what? I don't want give it up, I love it and I cannot use steroids, because of checks and my trainer not allow me it

I don't eat any supplements


You are just a skinny kid who needs mass. Their isn't anything weird about your genetics.

Push yourself with heavy weights. Eat until you are full. Sleep as much as you can. Stretch and do mobility drills too. At your age, don't worry about fat accumulation. Fat is easier to lose than muscle is to gain. Buy one of these book: supersquats OR Starting Strength OR 5/3/1 and follow whichever one to a T. Drink a gallon of milk a day if you can tolerate milk.

Stop reading about how to workout on the internet (because you will not dedicate yourself to any one program like you need to), follow one of those books (or during the course of the year, do all three- starting strength for 6 months, supersquats for 6 weeks, the remainder 5/3/1 OR skip supersquats altogether), and check back in a year with new pics.


Steak and Potatoes, meet the OP....OP, Steak and Potatoes.

come on man, EAT!


^^ Truth ^^

Get all Stuart McRoberts books from Amazon, do what he tells you to do. Optionally, start with something like stronglifts 5x5.


i have fatty butt


x2. And I surprisingly got married. You are fine man. Eat and continue training on ONE proven program like others have said.