Creed vs Lang vs Drago

Who was the best boxer Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago or Clubber Lang? While Ivan did kill Apollo it was when Apollo was retired and obviously not at his peak. Apollo was clearly techinically the best but the other two boxers were just so powerful. Clubber Lang had the look of a crazy man in his eyes and was brutal in his first fight with Rocky he was also pretty damn strong too probably only just behind Drago. Drago was fighting an old Rocky that and had only beaten a boxer that had not fought in many years prior to Rocky. So which boxer do you think was the best? I know this might upset some people but I’ll put my money with Lang followed closely by Apollo followed by Drago. Any thoughts???

None of them were real. They all played characters in a movie. They were all made to look and act the toughest until Rocky overcame all odds and beat them in the end. Get a life.

your insane bro. They were all movie characters. But I’ll go with Drago, just cause He’s a pre-klitchko.

The character of Apollo Creed was based on Ali, so I would rate him as the best ring technician. As far as who I would want covering my back in a street fight, that’s a close call between Lang and Drago but I would pick Lang.

I will make a bold statement here. I think Clubber was the best , even better than rocky. given a rematch clubber would have pounded rocky. Clubber pounded rocky in the first match and apolo trained rocky like a colored fighter for the rematch and clubber was not ready for that. But given a rematch clubber would train to fight a fighter with rythem and destroy rocky!!!

Lighten’ up Johnny.

Hmm, who would win? Basically it would come down to who is writing the script and who that person’s preference is.

Well the ABC method doesn’t work in fighting sports. Just because fighter A beat fighter B and fighter C beat fighter A doesn’t mean fighter C can beat fighter B. Style does make fights. I believe Drago would be the best because he has the power and reach advantage. He could use his jab all night long to keep Lang or Apollo away from him plus he could also take them out with power shots.

First off i want to say have some since of humor to all of those who said stupid shit. now i think creed would have beat them all. in his prime he had the skills and the heart.

I’m with Goldberg: Lighten up! Besides, Creed would whoop 'em all…

I consider myself a Rocky expert. having seen each movie about 499 times i can safely say ive studied each fighters style. Clubber had the most skills but didnt have the heart. Rocky beat his ass. Drago didnt have the heart either. Apollo fought until he couldnt pick his arms up. he did fight a rather unpolished Rocky though. By the time he fought Drago he was too old and out of the ring for too long to put up a good fight. The best fight Rocky had was against Spider Richo. If you know who he is you are a real student of Rocky. haha. it must be noted however that mickey didnt want him to fight clubber. that has to count for something.

You have to remember that Drago busted Rocky’s brain and body so bad that Rocky couldn’t box anymore.

Okay I thought i was the biggest rocky fan in the world. Ive probably seen them as much as you but havent ‘studied’ them as you have. Tell me more about Spider Richo… of course Im going to have to go home and watch them tonight just to see for myself.

I dunno about the Richo fight. His technique was pretty sloppy there, don’t you think? :wink:

Apollo Creed in his prime would have destroyed Clubber. By training Rocky like he used to fight, Rocky won. He might have had some problems with Drago. That would be a hell of a fight, but I would give it to Apollo. By the way Spider Richo is just a cheep ass who can’t come close to winning without headbutting. He was washed up when he fought.

It was a breif moment but Drago would definately kick the most ass. He was a bad mutherfucker in the day. I wonder what happened to him? Is he fat now?

I take it your were kidding about Spider being rocky’s best fight.

I was just seeing if anyone knew who Spider was or even remembered him. i still think apollo was the best talent.