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Creed Is Back!


After all the rumors and waiting this band is BACK! Honestly, I've never been so stoked for an album release....until now! FUCKING YES! I'm not even downloading this one, I'm buying it.

The single, Overcome

Dont cry victim to me
everything we are and used to be
is buried and gone
now its my turn to speak
its my turn to expose and release whats been killing me.
ill be dammed fighting you, it's impossible, impossible!
say goodbye, with no sympathy!

Im entitled to overcome
completely stunned i'm numb
knock me down throw me to the floor!
thereâ??s no pain i cant feel no more.
Im entitled to overcome

finally see whats beneath
everything i am and hope to be
cannot be lost.
Il be dammed fighting you
you're impossible, impossible!
say goodbye with no sympathy!

Im entitled to overcome
completely stunned i'm numb
knock me down throw me to the floor
theres no pain i canâ??t feel no more
Im entitled to overcome

Youll never know what I was thinking before you came round
take a step, take a breath, put your guard down
I cannot worry anymore of what you think of me
I may be crazy but Im buried in your memory

This is too surreal right now


This day can NAWT go wrong


This is why you can't date my daughter.


Best Creed song ever!

The clapping at 45sec is the funniest shit!


lol, damn pmpm

you can't rain on my parade

i'll take Creed over your daughter any day



damn Creed has no love here, huh?


New song sounds Sevendust-ish.



i dig mark tremonti, he's got some serious chops....but scott stapp.....ahh just want to punch him in the mouth


I saw Creed live near Boston about a month ago. They played Overcome three times to get it right for some video. There were jets of fire. It was cool.


Totally agree.

But that doesn't stop me from having some heavy Creed songs in my Workout Playlist.

Also... I'd take Creed over Nickelback any day.



I'm can't stand Tremonti, he looks like a smug prick everytime I see him. Maybe it's misjudgement.


they've always sounded similar to me. kinda sounds like Enemy + another song I can't recall


Yeah,somewhat...Sevendust always had a heavier more metal sound...more of my likening. Also,the Overcome chorus reminds me of Sevendust "Denial."


And I agree with IronDwarf said...not the biggest Creed fan..BUT Creed > Nickleback..Daughtry..etc.


right on, nickleback is audio trash

the one problem I'll have is with Alter Bridge tanking, Miles was a phenomenonal vocalist


that's exactly the song, thanks for that

I heard a "going back to Cali" cover but I can't find it anywhere. You know the album or where to find it?


That song was on Take a Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap



that looks potent. I want to see how Staind does hip hop. Consider it ordered.

checked it out on youtube, staind + fred durst is not a good look at all lol

the anthrax cover was way better


def take creed over nickelback

and my only judgement on tremonti is musically, i bet theyre all pricks in terms of personality


i really don't understand that comparison at all


They basically exploited Jesus, that and there music sucks.


where hasnt Jesus been exploited?