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Creative Progression

I will soon be starting a new training cycle consisting of the exercises in my team’s off season program. Although so far this summer I’ve been successfully doing “my own thing,” there’s still a need to reacquaint(spelling?) myself with and perhaps even get good at the exercises that are sure to be used for our preseason fitness tests. A couple exercises like front squats, dumbell bench presses, and RDL variations, I have been doing all summer. The others will be new.
My question is about a creative way to progress with this program. I am currently in the middle of a steroid cycle, so my progress will obviously be enhanced significantly. For this reason, I want to deviate from my team’s program of specific 1RM%'s. Lately I’ve been using a lot of density type progressions, like EDT or decreasing rest intervals. That has worked well, but these new exercises are more demanding and sometimes more technical, probably not making this an optimum way to train. I’ll spare you any more reading, and type the program. The goal here is to be free to progress in a rapid fashion to accomodate the steroid cycle(does that mean not using predetermined reps sets and weights?)

wkt1 clean pull/push press/squat/rdl
wkt2 Hang Clean/Front Squat/Bench Press
wkt 3 Snatch Pull/Push Press/Squat/RDL
wkt 4 Hang Snatch Pull/Front Squat/Bench Press
if you want, please comment on rep scheme of a suplemental exercises also. lat pulls, abs, etc.
Thanks for any help…