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Creative Help with My Company's Name

Hi All,

Im starting my own company to sell audiovisual products like plasma screens, data projectors and video conferencing equipment, basically all kinds of electronic technology and as I applied for registration i was crushed to see that the company name which i wanted “BuyTech” already exists in South Africa.

So now I need some alternative name suggestions… my preferences are to keep it short, catchy but relevant and I would like the word “tech” to be in it, though its not necessary… slogans would be a welcomed bonus.

Any suggestions please??? Ive seen some really witty posts on this site as I often browse the forums so I know the talent is here.

Thanks so much!


EDIT: oh wait i think thats taken. maybe something like tic-tech?

i know you wanted it short and catchy but i really like the name “Total Information Technology: Trans-Industry Electronics Store”, yeah i know its a bit of a mouth full, so you could just use the acronym:

electric city XD

Tech Dat.

Pronounced “Take that!” of course.

I like the Globotech… perhaps GlobalTech??

Titties are always catchy!!

Anything else?

I just checked the company registrations list… Global Tech is already taken, damn!

Do you think its a smart idea to start a company selling high price items in a global recession?








To Much Tech

Future Tech

Hi-Lo Tech (high quality low prices)

Good luck!


Damnit, Flanders already took it.

Great suggestions so far!!

Well, these are normally high priced items but since its just me in the company and my overheads are really low, I’ll be able to offer very competitive prices besides we are hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup so the market is growing for digital display systems.

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback - appreciated.

I have 4 days to get back with alternative names so if you have any additional ideas in the coming days please post them. Thanks so much.

Future Tech is already taken!!

SkyNet. Or Cyberdyne systems

What is your business vision?

Do you have a company mission? A formal one.


Tech-Pro’s etc are pretty generic. Your name should hint at your product and company. Lots of companies do what you do. Seperate yourself. You know what you want for your company, incorporate it in the company name. Having us name your company is probably an early bad sign.

Tech Town



tech’d out

Circuit City will be available soon…

Tech yo’self befo you wreck yo’self!

TECHNOTRONIC! Although they are/were a band…

pump up the jams!

Tech Nation
or you could use the short version T-Nation.