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Creation continues

Hello out there.
Anybody on this program? I am just starting my first 4 weeks and I was wondering how long you rest between sets. I figured bodybuilding 1 min rest, powerlifting 3 min rest, so I picked 2 min for now.
What does everybody else do? How are your results so far? The first time I tried the cycling intervals it nearly killed me. Which pissed me off just enough to stick with the program :wink:

Don’t know if this got lost in the shuffle or if there is just no one doing this routine,so I’ll try one more time.

I dont think anyone else is doing it, lol.

You must get a free t-shirt for being the only one on the progarm. And i should get one for helping a fellow t-man earn one(shirt).

The truth is most people dont follow one specific progarm they usaully mix and match the knowledge they have gained from the progarms our great writers present us with and create what they found works best for them.

Oh and yeah go ahead, 2 mins is the ideal rest time.