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Creatinine Levels


Hey guys,not sure if there is some where better to ask this..if so let me know,Ill move it.
but I just had some blood work done,(for an infectiuon) and the ER found my creatinine levels from last month..and this visit.. there where 1.44MG/DL LAST MONTH & 1.2 this month..and said I should go right to my dr ?? anyone have any input ?

Im on TRT for about 1 yr (100mg a week) nothing else...never did anything else..thanks guys


As far as I understand it, creatinine levels from bloods do not mean an awful lot is an individual is trained and has above average muscle mass. Also if you have trained recently (ie during that week) it will be raised. If there are other symptoms that suggest kidney distress, then you'd be wise to ask for a creatinine clearance test, which is basically measuring the creatinine extreted in urine over 24hrs and comparing this figure with blood levels, to determine any actual pathology.

If there are no other indicators of impaired kidney function, I personally wouldn't worry.


Thank you for the reply..yeah I have no,or had any probs in the past...can dehydration cause this at all ??


It could cause blood levels to be slightly higher - although I'm not sure how much so perhaps someone else should chime in at this point...

FWIW I was admitted for pericarditis (twice), the first time an A&E doc told me I had acute kidney failure, that I needed dialysis asap and sent for a consultant. She said this guy obviously trains so it's nothing to worry about, and completely dismissed it. This was about 3 years ago and I have had no problems!