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Creatinine Levels In Blood

Anyone know why my creatinine levels would be high in blood work. I do not take creatine and I don’t eat a lot of red meat. I eat chicken, chicken, and a little bit of cow. The doctor wants me to do another blood test to see if it comes out the same. Could it be a waste product that a lot of lifters have?

From what I’ve gathered here from other people on t-nation, is that creatinine levels in blood represent muscle breakdown and since your an athlete, it would be normal for you to have higher than “normal” creatinine. Also I don’t believe creatinine has anythign to do with creatine, but I could be wrong.

Diet and exercise should have little effect on serum creatinine levels. If you are not taking creatine than elevated levels would indicate your kidneys are not working properly and could have some damage. Not trying to scare you or anything but definitely get some more tests.

Certain medications can also elevate creatinine measurements.

Thank you for the replies.