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Creating Ultimate Nutrition Diary


It’s been cold and snowing recently, so I decided to toy with something.

Let’s see if I can put this into pieces.

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and another


and the totals:

I was thinking of having the standard format but adding some sections in.

Like measurements of food. Grams and Ounces.

Also another page which is nutrition/physical goals.

Also, want to add in after each day an “end of day analysis” section which would be me marking down any challenges that arose during the day to mess one of my meals up or seemed to be difficult to take care of. Thoughts/ impulses I had for certain food selections.

Want to add a page for Daily or Weekly menu.

A section devoted to finding ways around hunger or not eating enough. One example is: if I had a meal already and I am eyeballing more food I would go read another chapter in a book I am reading.

If I was not eating enough during one meal I would go get my notebook and play the song Don Giovanni from Mozart. I call it the chef song.

mmm what else does it need…

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Oh yeah,

This was created in excel. I used a nutrition scale to get all the values.

Everything is such a snap now. For example:

Since I have Williams and Jb’s gourmet nutrition recipe book I can have nice meals when I choose. I like nice breakfests and dinners. So I go to the book for those and it already has the nutrition information for the entire meal- so I am set there.

Normal meals during the day that I don’t care about and want to eat and get on with it, I throw on the scale like my salad ingredients; spinach,walnuts,berries, carrots, chestnuts, etc.

Then for the meat I throw on some beef or something else and measuring is so fast its ridiculous. I could use one total for the entire day to show what I consumed but I prefer to take each meal and enter it into excel using the scale. That way I know where certain calories and protein came from.

If I have a busy day then I make my stuff ahead of time and weigh everything. It is fast as a rabit.

I want to create a little eating book for myself to really get good at this. Which is what all those snaps are about. Those are my values for yesterday but I am addings stuff…

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If anyone wants a proto-type of my nutrition diary for themselves let me know (PM). I will e-mail the template to you or I can send it through instant message.

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Just got done with it entirely…

Hey Larz you forgot to give me your e-mail addy in PM. I’ll send it to you to check out.

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Thanks for sending it!

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I can throw my pen and paper away and actually track my adhearence to my diet!

hats off to you.


LOL, Glad you liked it. I added those extra worksheets for a little boost to keep things rolling. At Least I think it will help. Helps me…


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Ahhhh and some advice in using the spread sheet.

Get rid of the (g)rams and mg next to the numbers and put it on the title Fat(g). Use the Sigma SUM button and highlight the squares you want to sum and it does it for you.

Makes adding all the daily meals up in a snap!

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