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Creating My Own Program

I’m currently using Chad’s TBT program and like it, so I thought I might reuse some of his ideas and attempt to build my own program based on it.

To save you some squinting and figuring, here are the basics:

  • 3 total body workouts per week
  • 1 10x3 lift per week
  • alternating 3x5/3x8 on ancillary lifts
  • 1 optional lift for lag/interest
  • cycle repeats after two weeks

I was thinking the lower reps would give me more of a focus on building strength.

The ancillary lifts are really about avoiding imbalances. Optional lifts that I might use are incline presses, lateral raises, wrists, calves and shrugs.

Squat 3x8
Bench 3x5
Deadlift 10x3
military press 3x5
dips 3x5
abs 3x5
opt 3x5

Deadlift 3x8
Squat 3x5
Bench 10x3
bent rows 3x8
front squat 3x8
chins/pulls 3x8
opt 3x8

Bench 3x8
Deadlift 3x5
Squat 10x3
upright rows 3x5
good mornings 3x5
abs 3x5
opt 3x5

Squat 3x8
Bench 3x5
Deadlift 10x3
military press 3x8
dips 3x8
abs 3x8
opt 3x8

Deadlift 3x8
Squat 3x5
Bench 10x3
bent rows 3x5
front squat 3x5
chins/pulls 3x5
opt 3x5

Bench 3x8
Deadlift 3x5
Squat 10x3
upright rows 3x8
good mornings 3x8
abs 3x8
opt 3x8

The idea is to increase strength in the bench, deadlift and squat. I’d just write the weights used to the right and try to up them (especially on 10x3 days). Anyhow, any advice or thoughts?


Vroom, Interesting.

I am using the TBT type of layout myself to do a program at this point but have made it a bit more simple. Life is a bit busy right now and I just wanted something that I could do with ease and should not stagnate for a bit. I am only now on week three but it seems pretty good so far big change.

It consist of three total body w/o’s a week.

day1 = 3 sets 20
day2 = 4 sets 10
Day3 = % sets five

On the first two days the goal is to not go to failure but to progress weekly by small amounts. The 5x5 day is the classic where you go like hell trying to get 5x5 even failing. Once you getv the 5x5 you up the weight.

I have 5 seperat w/o’s laid out consisting of 6 exercises 90% compunds which allows me to raotate these and never repeat a week for 5 weeks. It has bee fun and seems to be working as of yet. I am fresh after the first two w/o’s and get two days rest after the 5x5 day.

I am sparing more detail do to time but can put more later if anyone is interested.

I say go for it man. Give it a few months and see what happens. Give it a fair run. Whats the worst that could happen??

Keep us informed.



The program looks good. However, personally I don’t like squatting and deadlifting on the same day. I know many do it that way. I feel that you can get more out of each movement if they are separated. I rotate squats and deadlifts. For example, Squat twice per week and Deadlift once per week. Then switch them. Just a thought.

Good Luck,


I would agree with Zeb. After 7 weeks of TBT, I felt like too much squat and back work took it’s toll. My lower back recovery was lagging as a result of squats/deads on the same day.

On the 3day/week plan, If I am DLing, I’ll do something like Step-ups for legs and on Squat days, I’ll do something like Good mornings or weighted Glute-ham raises. (and always vary the bench)

This way I am still hitting the major muscles for each lift: bench, squat, dead…but not always doing those exact lifts which are most taxing on recovery.

Yeah, I’m noticing the lower back issue while on the TBT right now… phew!

I am hoping that the lower volumes as well as getting used to higher posterior work loads during TBT might correct it.

If it doesn’t, I’ll probably give some type of rotation a shot. Zeb, StrongMan, thanks for the ideas.

Yup, I agree and didn’t notice all the squats, deads and even bench.

You may be able to pull it off with all the constant changes in load and reps. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

If it is not producing after a good go, change it. Cant hurt.

I am doing more of a rotation with the big movements. Example, I will do squats and stiff deads, next Deads and leg extension, next hack squats and GM’s, front squats etc… And rotate my beching also with flat/incline/decline, dips. Doing this seems at this early stage to have helped forcing me to do movements I am not so good at, and otherwise avoid some. No two week period goes by that I dont do every excercise I have i9n my plan.

But gotta say your lay out has my interest as well and I think It might just work by rotating the parameters as you have and the variance in supplementary work. HMMMM LOL

I vote to give it a go. Many people have made great progress on much less thought out plans.

Keep us informed

Cool. Thanks for the thoughts Phill. I’ll give it a shot in January, as is, and see how things go.

Vroom,your program is interesting. Give it a try ! Personally I agree with Zeb, I prefer to Squat and Deadlift on separate days. Anyway I read about a powerlifting routine (Korte 3X3) in which you use Squat,bench,deadlift 3Xweek, no other exercises.

Phill would you be so kind to tell us a bit more concerning your TBT version ?

Personally a month ago I began a personal TBT version but then a week ago I realized that I was getting too fat (I weigh 200 lbs, at 5’8", fat over 18%). Therefore I’ve just finished the 1st week of EDT, “lose the fat keep the strength”. It’s a great program !

Happy New Year !


Exactly what I was thinking in reading this. Also think of many of the O-lifters from Germany and such. Not rare for them to train the same excersize that many times a day let alone a week. LOL

So I think it will be interesting to hear how this works.

Sure but not for a lil bit when I have a little more time.

Also as long as vroom doesn’t mind a partial hijack/addition to his thread. :slight_smile:

Will say I am digging it. The varied excercises and parameters are keeping it fresh and TOUGH every workout. As well as fun, even though I am doing some movements that are less than strengths for me.

But I guess that is exactly why I should add them In.

So till a bit later,



Well got a bit of time to peck a readable outline of the total body plan I have been doing.

I see no objection by vroom (thanks bud) so I will throw it up here.

This will be good. I have wanted to post it for criticism and feedback anyhow.

Phill’s total body plan:

Ok here is what I have planned out. Trying to stick to mainly compound movements (ATLEAST 4 of the six prescribed exercises) with exception of Day E.

Day E: This day was the toughest for me. One that I would and do detest to a point, and normally would NEVER include. I use nothing but primarily isolation movements to hit the entire body. At this point I have done this day 2 times and it has proven to even be a little fun. Just another way to keep things fun, fresh and interesting. Also giving yet another stimulation that I am Not used to, and allows me to just mix it up a bit and wing it if I like… These workouts have lasted a bit longer around 90 minutes. I giant set them, and cut the rest periods a bit.

Goal for all days is to hit the entire body in a good fashion. Some days it is inevitable that certain muscle groups get more attention than others, but I am hoping none get ignored in totality. Then they will also be hit to a greater degree on different days.

Weekly template/rotation:

Three days a week rotating the w/o’s So you don’t do the same w/o any given week, or by the same parameters until 5 weeks is complete.

Week 1= A, Off, B, Off, C, Off, Off
Week 2= D, Off, E, Off, A, Off, Off
Week 3= B, Off, C, Off, D, Off, Off
Week 4= E, Off, A, Off, B, Off, Off
Week 5= C, Off, D, Off, E, Off, Off

Reps sets loads rest etc.:

Ok, reps and sets for the days.
I Have been on a LONG string of work outs that has been based mainly on lower rep moving lots of weight. I have made significant gains in strength, but was woke the hell up a couple days ago upon trying out some 20 rep sets of squats and deads. So this will be incorporated on the first day of the week as it is where I am lacking, and HATE the most, and will probably see the most benefit at first. The sets will raise by one and reps will half as with each successive w/o of every week.

Rest will be between 120-60 dropping as the week progresses

I have roughly figured that I use 40-50% on the 20 rep days, 70-80% on the 10 rep days, and from 85-95% on 5 rep days. This is at the start. There are some outliers, but this has been close with most exersises.

The goal on the first two days is to complete each and every set with the prescribed reps (not failing), but it should be a hell of a challenge. Also progressing by adding a few % to the load with each repeat.

The 5x5 day however will be done to Failure (if NEEDED) where you do the usual 5x5 prescribed routine. Choose a weight you can do 5rm. Then try and get 5 sets of said load. Only progressing to a new load when you are able to complete all sets for all reps. This day is followed by 2 days of rest as opposed to the one day following the others.

This has proven to be good so far. Allowing me to be Fresh and ready to hit each w/o to full intensity.

Day 1 = 3 sets 20 reps 120 seconds rest
Day 2 = off
Day 3 = 4 sets 10 reps 90 seconds rest
Day 4 = off
Day 5 = 5 sets 5 reps 60 seconds rest ( same as above for progression)
Day 6&7 off

All work will be done in super set fashion for the most part.

Optional work will be added at the end of the workout’s hitting the abs, and any other movements I feel hit body parts that didn’t get proper stimulation from the w/o. Total time kept to 60-75 minutes.
A2)Upright Rows

B1)deads 3x10
B2)single leg ex 3x10

C1)Arnold Press 3x10
C2)preacher curls 3x10

CblFlys 3x10
Rev. cbl flys 3x10
On this example day I added in additional chest and back work. I simply keep the additional work under the same rep scheme of the given day.

Additional w/o?s:
May add in a day during the week in which I do abs, and will be doing three or so days of cardio. Mostly low-moderate intensity. Weighted walking, sled dragging, bike rides, just being active you know. Etc…

Day A
A1. Flat bench
A2. Bent Over Rows

B1. Squat
B2. Stiff deads

C1. Side Lat raise
C3. Calf Raises

Day B
A1. Dips (wide grip)
A2. Upright Rows

B1. Dead Lift
B2. Leg Extension

C1. Arnold Press
C3. Preacher curls

Day C
A1. Incline Bench
A2. Chins

B1. Hack Squat
B2. Good Mornings

C1. Front lat raise
C3. Press Down

Day D
A1. Decline bench
A2. Db Rows

B1. Front squat
B2. Leg Curls

C1. Military
C3. Seated Calf raise

Day E
A1)sin leg ex
A2)stiff arm p over
A3)leg curl
A4)frnt raise

B1)bb curl
B2)hyper ex
B3)bb tri ex
B4)leg raise

C1)Super Wide stance high bar squat
C2)cbl fly
C3) rev cbl fly
(this day is variable drawing on weaknesses and body parts that were not hit well enough in recent past w/o’s)

That’s about it. It has proven to be a nice change after three weeks, even though a bit of a challenge to find the right load for the prescribed days sometimes. That will get better as I begin to repeat them and progress starting the sixth week.

Just another way for me to mix it up a bit.
Throw me some feedback.


Just thought I would share my last 8 weeks of TBT that I did. I started by using the week 1 that was created by the TBT creator himself, but then made the rest myself. Weeks 6&8 were toughest.


Week 1, Day 1: Sets: 3-Reps: 5
BB Flat Bench Press
CG Seated Cable Rows
High-bar Back Squats
Sumo-style deadlifts
DB Hammer Curls
Side Laterals

Week 1, Day 3: Sets: 3-Reps: 8
DB Incline Bench Press
DB Upright Rows
Front Squats
Good Mornings
BB Bicep Curls

Week 1, Day 5: Sets: 2-Reps: 15
BB Decline Bench Press
Step-Ups Lunges
Traditional style deadlifts
Seated Calf Raises
Pec Dec

Week 2: Same as Week 1 but with A1/A2 pairings.

Week 3, Day 1: Sets: 4-Reps: 5
Sumo-style deadlifts
CG Pull-ups
DB Incline Bench Press
Preacher Curls
Front Squats
Seated Calf Raises

Week 3, Day 3: Sets: 4-Reps: 8
BB High-bar Back Squats
WG Seated Cable Rows
Glute-Ham Curls
BB Military Press
DB Curls
DB Lying Tricep Extension

Week 3, Day 5: Sets: 3-Reps: 15
DB Flat Bench Press
Good Mornings
BB Bicep Curls
Side Laterals

Week 4: Same as Week 3 but with A1/A2 pairings.

Week 5, Day 1: Sets: 2-Reps: 18
WG Pull Downs
BB Decline Bench Press
Traditional Deadlifts
DB Standing Shoulder Press
DB Hammer Curls
Triceps Press -rope

Week 5, Day 3: Sets: 2-Reps: 8
CG Pull Downs
BB Flat Bench Press
Standing Calf Press
Side Laterals

Week 5, Day 5: Sets: 2-Reps: 12
BB Up-Right Rows
BB Incline Bench Press
Hack Squat
Rear Side Laterals
Reverse Forearm Curls

Week 6: Same as Week 5 but with A1/A2 pairings.

Week 7, Day 1: Sets: 3-Reps: 18
DB Arnold Seated Military Press
DB Incline Bench Press
CG Pull Downs
Front Squats
Side Laterals
BB Curls

Week 7, Day 3: Sets: 3-Reps: 8
Sumo Deadlifts
BB Decline Bench Press
WG Pull-ups
Good Mornings
Leg Extensions
Hamstring Curls

Week 7, Day 5: Sets: 3-Reps: 12
Step-up Lunges
DB Upright Rows
Hack Squate
Reverse Triceps Press Down
Preacher Curls

Week 8: Same as Week 7 but with A1/A2 pairings.

Well, I made it through week one of my own program. It was a ball buster tonight though. The 10x3 squats seemed to go on forever! I kept having to correct my count… no, that’s not seven, that’s six. Argh.

I’m finding that the days with the extra work being done as 3x5’s lets me get reasonable weight, is relatively quick and isn’t causing that much fatigue.

As predicted, the combination of deadlift and squat is pretty challenging! I’m not willing to give up on it yet though. I did ixnay the good mornings tonight… they may stay out completely while every workout includes squats and deadlifts.

Interestingly, if you notice, the big three lifts go through 3x8, 3x5, 10x3 over and over. It’s easy, psychologically, to up the weight as the reps come down.

I was psyched for tonights workout, which is a good sign!

With the weights involved in the 10x3’s I find I have to take longer breaks than I’d planned and am generally getting tired. So, at the end of the workouts I’ve been leaving off the omnipresent optional item.

Anyway, things to keep in mind if you are designing your own TBT style program.

Finally, I know it’s really too early to come to any conclusions yet, but I’m anxious to see how next week goes…


Took some time to read through and understand the program you’ve posted. Seems pretty cool!

My own preference, if I was following your style, would probably be to lower the rep levels to 12 - 8 - 5, but that is just a personal preference and I have no other basis for thinking so.

Heh, no kidding, but I like the variety and ability to sub in all kinds of lifts and leave items open for optional choices depending on what feels left out on any given day.

I’m curious if your rep progression is similar to mine, from high to low, with the idea to mix a bit of hypertrophy and strength, or if it was more of a variation to keep things different enough to allow more work and/or better recovery, or perhaps both?

Any thoughts on total reps and sets with respect to overall volume? Do you find some days to be killers while others are light enough to climb back up the recovery curve?


Good to hear you are having a blast with you new program and are adjusting as needed. It?ll be nice to hear the progressions you make.

Thanks It was a blast putting it together.

Oh NO DOUBT. Mine is as well, with 10 reps or so being the highest. I HATE the high rep work. It is a Bitch. But that is why I added it in and kinda look forward to the challenge every week.

I had not moved above the 10 rep mark in quite some time on any regular basis. Now by having a day where not only I do 20 reps but for all exercises and multiple sets boy that?s a motha.

Yes this has been nice. Have my base lay out that all in all will hit the total body and still allow some flexibility to my own weekness and such from workout to work out. Keeps it fresh as well, and FUN.

I would say both and more. Going for the above strength and mix of hypertrophy, recovery and variation, as well as the higher rep work hitting muscle fibers that have been ignored as of late which will lead to growth and strength ( to a lesser and different extent). Better endurance, and the higher rep work helping to build up tendons and joints which have been taking a toll from all the HEAVY work as of late.

Moving through the varied rep/load ranges has also let me really get after it in the gym as well, and still come back very fresh for the next w/o. I may still have a minor case of DOMS when I reach the gym but it has not effected any w/o yet, and has seemed to help recover further.

As for reps, sets, and overall volume. I really feel this come to everyone with experience and is as individual as any other aspect. It can also be worked on. I have been doing w/o?s for some time that are focused on frequency that I am able to effectively load up [pretty well and this program seems like a bit of a break at some times. But has me going in the gym with a passion and fire that has been missing as of late.

So I think you just have to take the time to know your self. Obviously if working with a lighter load you will have the ability to do more reps and sets in order to get the same stimulation to a point but this is also varied do to the conditioning each person has in that particular range.

For instance the first week 2 weeks of the program I limited my 20 rep days to 2 sets. It was a killer. I has planned three form the start but having not had this stimulus for some time I was not able to handle it with the form and strictness I wanted. So I dropped it to 2 sets per movement. But now the past two have been able to complete the three sets and should from this point on.

Well I would say the day of the 20 rep days are the worst. Man the are a friggin struggle, but one that I MUST win. LOL. The days that create the largest struggle as far as recovery are the 5x5 days but this is also by choice. I use this day to expend every bit of anything I have left. If I had anything left after any of the previous w/o?s the following days it comes out here. Not to say I hold back the other days at ALL just that I go a step further and on the verge of to far on these days and have two full days to recover. Most of the time these days will still have some soreness somewhere when I hit the next 20 rep day. But the 20 rep day has an AM<AZING effect of recovering these. Super amount of blood flow and such.

So really the are all a bear in their own way and I feel that every single day has a positive effect on one another. This is the start of week 5 and the real results will start show after this week when I begin to repeat w/o?s.

Hope I covered your ??s in a readable way. Still a bit loopy here form my road trip.

Keep us informed on how you go and please any response or additions/thoughts on the same /?s you asked from your perspective would be GREAT.



Ah, good trick! Turn my questions back to me… heh, fair enough.

Whether or not it will work as intended, I’m specifically working on improving at the squat, bench and deadlift.

From previous lifting I’d noticed that 10x3 work has the ability to force me to make progress. So, once a week each of the big lifts has a good chance of being bumped up a little. Every workout I have something which could be a PR and I enjoy that.

After a 10x3 session follows the 3x8 session. Obviously lighter, it is still demanding, but as you mention, it works the muscle differently. I’m also a fan of letting the tendons and ligaments catch up – as they don’t have their own blood supply, I don’t think they can adjust as quickly as we can grow muscle (especially with near optimal nutrition and modern supplements).

Also, it may be bullshit, but I’ve got a theory that goes something like this…

Let’s say I can do 200 lbs on the bench. Perhaps the slow twitch fibers are happily carrying 50 lbs of that. That leaves 150 lbs for the fast twitch fibers. If I can grow the slow twitch fibers and offload 60 lbs to them, it will also let me increase “strength” independent of fast twitch hypertrophy.

Since I trained in, and was okay at, things such as bicycling and cross country skiing when I was younger, I don’t think I can ignore the slow twitch side of things and get the progress I want.

Anyway, back to the question at hand, I’m specifically looking to include strength and hypertrophy aspects. The 3x5 day is sort of a placeholder that lets the muscle know it can’t atrophy, but that should let me be well recovered for the next 10x3.

Can the body handle a bit of a mix with respect to different stress types in the same workout? I think so. I’m guessing it doesn’t care what type of repair it has to make, it just does what it can to make the necessary repairs – which is limited by the amount of damage done and the total ability to recovery. That is my take on it anyway.

Again, I won’t claim to be sure I know what I’m doing, but it seems reasonable and some of it fits in with ideas presented here on the site by some very knowledgeable contributors.

I treat the rest of my workout as somewhat optional and completely open for change with respect to exercise selection. However, I am following the rep alternation set out even if I drop, swap or reorder items.

For better or worse this gives me a higher volume and lower volume alternation.

However, the real purpose of all the ancillary work, for me, is just to make sure I’m able to address potential neglected areas. For example, I can add in work for neck, traps and arms if I want, based on recent feedback on my pics.

So far, I’ve just been adding in a lot of newer lifts for me, such as front squats and military presses. They haven’t been in my routine until fairly recently. So, I’ve probably got some limiting imbalances that can be addressed pretty easily.

Although I’m not pushing here so much, like you, I’m not slacking, so on the 3x5 days I can get comfortable with a higher weight… and try to keep that weight on the next 3x8. If I miss the last few reps or something I’ll just write it down and see about next time.

Finally, I do worry about recovery. I think this work rotation means that whatever lift is pushed hard today has a week before it will be pushed hard again in the same manner. Having light days, I think, makes sure I don’t get behind the total recovery curve, so to speak.

Heh, I know you didn’t ask that, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t. I’m giving it a try and I’ll learn from it. Compared to the junk we joke about in other threads (squat rack curls and swiss ball-itis, it has to be good enough for some progress. I mean really, lots of compound lifts, lots of variation, keeping it interesting or fun and simple personal goals.

I’ll try to remember to post once a week – as long as I’m making progress anyway! :wink:


vroom thanks for your response to your own ?'s.

Seems we are addressaing many of the same areas only in different ways.

Sure there are some differences but much the same. Mine is a bit more geared toward the higher rep ranges and more pure hypertropy and your leans a bit more toward strength. My main reasoning behind this is due to the fact I hacve been training in the lower rep higher load ranges almost exclusively for a little over a year and felt a change to this type was warrated for a couple 5 week cycles before going back to a strenght phase. Then throw this in (if it proves to be effective) several times a year.

It will be interesting to read your updates and see how things progress. I will let you know as well how things go for me as well.


Hi guys,

Vroom I hope you don’t mind me doing this on your thread but I would like to share a program I have made up for comment. As it is based on similar principles to your own program I thought this would be a better place to post it rather than starting another thread. It would probably help with providing feedback on how the different programs are going as well.

I aim to start this program in late Feb/March. My focus is on increasing my strength as I know this is definitely limiting what I can do during a normal hypertrophy program, so I want to correct these weaknesses before moving on to another bulking cycle.

Compared to your own program I have stuck with the lower rep ranges ie no 3x8 and I tried to avoid doing deadlifts and squats together on the same day as much as possible.

I plan to use a total body 3x/week split. Weeks 1 and 2 have different exercises. Weeks 3 and 4 are a repeat of the first two weeks except I will increase the loads by 2.5-5%. During these weeks I will use the 10x3 method for 1 exercise each workout. As I especially need to bring my chest and posterior chain strength up to speed I have included bench press and deadlift each week. The other exercises for the workout will use 3x5. The reason I am using only 3 sets of these exercises is that as I am trying to improve functional strength I need to keep the volume down, plus I want to go really heavy on this program to improve limit strength as much as possible. When coupled with the 10x3 exercise it usually brings the weekly number of reps for a muscle group up to 60 reps/week. The exercises are all the big compound exercise with the exception of the glute-ham raises and back extensions.

Week 5 is what I term a “shock” week. I will be using more advanced parameters and going very heavy to really blast the CNS. I’ve added in an Olympic style lift each workout to work on “strength-speed”

Week 6 is a recovery week and is a direct copy from the rcovery week in CT’s Athlete’s Pendulum Training program.

I’m also going to rotate through some assistance exercises like rotator cuffs, forearms and of course abdominals each day but I haven’t worked out which ones to use yet.

So here’s the program:


Workout 1:

  • Deadlift (10x3, 60-70s rest)
  • Front Squat (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Pull-ups (pronated grip) (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Seated DB Military Press (3x5, 120s rest)

Workout 2:

  • Bench Press (10x3, 60-70s rest)
  • Seated Cable Row (pronated grip) (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Step-ups (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Glute-ham raise (3x5, 120s rest)

Workout 3:

  • Back Squat (10x3, 60-70s rest)
  • Good Mornings (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Rack Pulls (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Decline DB Bench Press (3x5, 120s rest)


Workout 1:

  • Chin-ups (supinated grip) (10x3, 60-70s rest)
  • Dips (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Romanian Deadlift (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Barbell Hack Squat (3x5, 120s rest)

Workout 2:

  • Sumo Deadlift (10x3, 60-70s rest)
  • Back Squat (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Snatch high pull from blocks (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Standing BB Military Press (3x5, 120s rest)

Workout 3:

  • Bench Press (10x3, 60-70s rest)
  • BB Bent Over Row (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Lunges (3x5, 120s rest)
  • Back Extensions (3x5, 120s rest)

WEEK 5 (“Shock” week)

Workout 1:

  • Deadlift (5/3/2/5/3/2 wave load with an increase of weight on second wave, 120s rest)
  • Front Squat (5/4/3/2/1 pyramid load increase, 120s rest)
  • Push Jerk (5x3, 120s rest)

Workout 2:

  • Bench Press (5/3/2/5/3/2 wave load with an increase of weight on second wave, 120s rest)
  • BB Bent Over Row (5/4/3/2/1 pyramid load increase, 120s rest)
  • Power Clean (5x3, 120s rest)

Workout 3:

  • Back Squat (5/3/2/5/3/2 wave load with an increase of weight on second wave, 120s rest)
  • Romanian Deadlift (5/4/3/2/1 pyramid load increase, 120s rest)
  • Power Snatch from blocks/hang (5x3, 120s rest)


All exercises are 3x15 with 60s rest. The workout is to be completed twice this week.


  • DB Flyes
  • Seated Row
  • Lateral Raises
  • Barbell Curl
  • Tricep Pressdown
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Curl

So that’s it. I would probably repeat the cycle one more time but change the exercises depending on how I progress and what weaknesses I still have. If anyone thinks that going through this twice is too much please let me know as I am trying to plan the rest of my training for the year and would like to take this into account.


First, feel free to toss your own programs in here. I certainly have no objection.

Anyhow, I’m not sure what it was, but I had to stop doing both squats and deadlifts in the same workout.

Perhaps a combination of not enough sleep, too much stress and nearing the end of a creatine cycle had me cramping up when I stretched – and damn, for the first time ever, even while in the gym. That doesn’t help a workout!

However, with the minor shift in place and a reduction in stress, I’ve been hungrier than normal for the last few days and tonights workout had me leaving the gym psyched and ready for more. Good signs.

I’m not sure I’ll bother to post it, since it is so similar, but simply alternate scratching out either squats or deads and then rotate the benching around so there are no double 10x3 days and that’s what I’ll be continuing to do for a while.

Hopefully I’ll have good things to report next week…


Looking forward to your reports.

I am a bit excited as of this point. Just started my second five weeks cycle of the program I am doing.

I was able to raise the weight between 10-15% on all lifts and it seemed easier than the first go with the same w/o five weeks ago.

This was the first day of thje overlap, the 20 rep day. I cant wait, and hope for more of the same on the 10 and 5 reps days.

I’ll keep you informed.



why dont you try this program i made up thats based on bill starrs strongest shall survive program: