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Creating Loading & Light-Headedness

My last 2 workouts I have felt light-headed after many of my sets. The 2 possibilites that occur to me based on changes during that time are 1) I started creatine loading and 2) I've been spending some time in the steam room trying to loosen up my spinal erectors. I keep well hydrated when I use the steamroom so I'm wondering if the creatine loading might be drawing more blood to muscle cells and therefore less to the brain.

Anyone experience this or have thoughts?


My guess is the steam room


Well I'd say it could be two things.

What sort of creatine are you using? for exapmle is it one with lots of dextrose?
or are you using normal mono and adding it to grape juice or water? you get my drift like is it a mixed/matrix type? or is it plain.

And also yeah the steam room maybe the cause.

Why I ask about the creatine is, some people can not tolerate high amounts of dextrose and all that of the sort, they may get sugar high's and low's, I know myself if I have to much sugar like dextrose or fruit juice sugars like grape juice I get light headed.

Let us know.



The title made me laugh. My dad saw a creatine bottle, wondering, "What the hell is 'Creative Monohydrate?'"