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Creating a T-vixen(BIll Roberts)

Hey guys my girlfriend wants me to make her into a T-vixen. Only problem is right now she works 2 jobs and she lives in a VERY small town that does not have a gym. I told her it would be best to start with body weight exercises since this is the case. Am I right? Also does anyone have any good body weight only programs that I could employ for her. I also have a problem because I wanted her to use Yohimbine but she is using a thyroid drug called Eltroxin and another drug called Paxil. Does anyone know if it is safe to use yohimbine while on either of these drugs. I know it is not safe to use ephedrine while on he thyroid drug. Any help would be appreciated guys.


You never mentioned DIET, Bro…

I have to tell you…I live in a “moderate sized” city, and sometimes I have to search for the proper foods…in a small town, I would think that it’s even worse…

I would suggest that the FIRST step would be:

  1. Get her diet down, even if it means a weekly trip to a larger city for appropriate staples (hey…it could make for some good “bonding” time for the two of you!)

    2)Forget the supplements for now, and see how her body responds to diet changes ALONE, especially with the drugs she’s on.

    3)Books either on Gymnastics and/or Pilates will give her some EXCELLENT body weight only workouts. I would search “AMAZON”; the choice is limitless…

    Hope this helps!

I am well aware of the fact that she needs to change her diet. I didn;t mention it because I thought it would be obvious. Anywho, I don;t actually live in the same province as her right now because I am in school, so forget the bonding time :frowning: but thanks for the suggestions on pilates. I will look into that.
:slight_smile: Groove

Groove…sorry…I just realized you addressed this post to Bill!

What the hell!..just one more thing…the amateur and professional Fitness routines are HEAVY into bodyweight movements. A few of the upper level competitors have books AND tapes out that may be a help to your girlfriend also…

Just have her take it slow…these ladies often have EXTENSIVE gymnastics backgrounds, so their workouts can be brutal! But they are effective. Hope this helps!

Hey Groove,
What is her training history? Is she interested in buying any weights? She can get a cheapo used set that can easily meet her needs at home.
If I remember rightly you do some renegade training, do you have the vip program? My wife was about 8 weeks post pregnancy when I started her on some dumbbell swings(nothing over 10 lbs), GPP, ab circuit, then added in jump rope. She has since swithed to fat to fire (3sets, nothing over 50lbs I think) and without staying super strict on diet she has averaged about 1 lb a week weight loss.
If you couple an appropriate diet with a “power yoga video” you have a basic easy option at home too.
Body weight exercises, King deads, single leg squats, push-ups chins or pulls negatives only start with three secs and add as able, “chinese” push-ups, start in upside down “V” with hands and feet on the ground then push chest down and through so head is up and pelvis is down. Lots of other options too.
Peace, Tmofa

First part of this response will be to mufasa. Don;t worry about I just wanted his advice for the drug aspects. Thanks for the advice.
Next answer to Tmofa. She doesn;t have any training experience and she doesn;t have room for weights right now. I have some back home that I am not using and offered her but where she lives there’s really no place to put them. It is a very small house with 4 people living in it and no basement. In the summer I am going to get her to use weights outside where there’ll be room. Canadian winters dont realy allow for this now!!! The other suggestions on exercises sound good. I have incorporated a few of them into the routine I am making. Thanks,
:slight_smile: Groove

Goodluck Groove, and make 'er a thing of beauty eh! I know about Canadian winters (S.Ont). Just remember to know her main needs( lvl of intensity, time, frequency etc) and meet them so she can sustain it. Peace, Tmofa