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creating a t-mag symposium

Hey. With this Surge (no pun intended) in creating local T-mag communities, an idea came to me, which I wanted to throw out to other t-maggers…organizing a t-mag sponsored symposium. As an intermediate/newbie lifter, I am learning a boatload of information on this web site - but the chance to spend 2-3 days together with other t-maggers in conference - would raise my knowledge level and motivation exponentially. THis would be an opportunity to see and practice first hand the techniques/training principles that I can only conceptualize at present through the web page. Having a symposium led by the t-mag chiefs, with various topics, break out sessions etc. (perhaps geared to different skill levels - beginners to advanced) ANd time to train would be an absolutely awesome thing. THe logistics involved in putting this together would be formidable, but very possible with enough support, and ideas. So let’s hear from you!