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Creating a Successful Nebido Protocol

Hi, just wanted to chime in regarding my experience with having been on Nebido for approx 2 years by now.
Seems like many people think that you’ll be hypogonadal if your injection frequency is 12 weeks. I took bloods once after 13 weeks 1 year into my treatment and my TT was then down to 400, which isnt too bad after 13 weeks.
Though personally I have managed to get full clearance to self inject so I inject every second month as it’s easier to remember it that way. And around week 9-10 my total TT trough is around 650-700 which is a very respectable number considering I’m injecting every 8-10 weeks.
I do make my Doc believe I’m religious about injecting exactly 10 weeks apart even though it’s closer to 8-9 week intervals which makes me feel pretty damn good all the time to be frank.
My libido is insane, as in almost too much feeling like I’m a dead horny teenager again. I’m on this due to having had t.cancer over 14 years ago though only started TRT treatment 3 years ago with testo gel which is a pure hassle and hormonal roller coaster.
I started off at 100 mg testo gel a day, I’m quite good at making my Docs believe all my suggestions are really their own. As 50 mg of gel is the standard, but fuck no I was gonna be satisfied with that.
Docs in my country are pretty cluless when it comes to this subject trying to avoid TRT treatment at all costs.
How I managed to get to self inject for a much better protocol and TT levels?
I told my doc that the nurse injecting it did not aspire nor take it slow enough to inject the 4ml of oil, it is supposed to take around 2 minutes, hi but the nurses just dart the needle in my ass cheek and plunge it in as fast as possible.
So after that I just told my Doc I had been taught by the expert diagnosing me how to self inject Nebido as I knew that was actually something he offers his patients so they all can self inject. But I’m at the moment having to rely on the public healthcare system due to the expert being SO expensive.
For the very first year of Nebido I just did not give a fuck about it and just self injected the way I have always done. No problem, as I’ve realized as long as I dont fuvk anything up by self injecting they could not care less of what and how I do this shit, good shit.
In total I have had 3 injections total done by these ‘professionals’ so self injecting really is the way to go. Just dont totally abuse it though and keep your regimen somewhat sane. Though a couple of times a year I have injections 6-7 weeks apart just because I can while still having a good consience knowing I’m not straight out abusing it but just improving a faulty system/regimen.
Btw no need for any AI’s either and just take Damiana Leaves 3 times a day to keep my remaining testicle alive and functioning. I seriously feel my testicle getting physically bigger by the Damiana which is a natural aphrodisiac if I havent taken it for a week and restart taking them. They really work well for me.
Physically I used to be shredded at a BW of 74 kg’s though now I’m shredded at around 85 kg’s after 2 years on Nebido. My physical shape always has been good though now it’s supercharged I feel like.