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Creating a New Routine


Well after 2 months of training i have had some good gains. And now that im out of skool i can devote more time to train. So i need a new routine.

My main goal for now is mass. I want to add as much weight in the next 2 months as possible then cut. I weigh 160lbs right now and i wanna weigh 180lbs. I mostly wanna train upper body. I dont really care for lower body training other than abs. Will condition my lower body with cardio.

Well heres a couple questions i have:
1. What is the best split for my goal?
2. Would a on/off/off/on routine be a good idea for only training my upper body?
3. Wha'ts a good ab routine?
4. i got a hemriod does this have anything with training?

Well thanks Mcheezy!!!!


  1. If you do train your lower body, how do you expect to get to 180? That's a whole half of your body your missing out on, that's a lot of weight your missing out on.

  2. There is no best anything. There are few constants in weightlifting. Just progressivly move heavier loads, eat enough, rest enough, you will get bigger.

  3. Forget your abs. You say you want to bulk, yet worry about your abs. You will never effectively bulk if you are in fear of losing sight of your abs.

  4. Don't know what to tell you about your hemmeroid.