Creating a Full Body Routine

I’ve been following my own routine I made up loosely based off others I’ve found online supposedly used by guys like grimek and reeves.

I’m wondering how I should structure it. I’ve noticed leg workouts seem to be done first. I’ve been doing this and I like it.

As far as structure should a workout look like example A

Back exercise 1
Chest exercise 1
Back exercise 2
Chest exercise 2

Or example B

Chest 1
Chest 2
Back 1
Back 2

I’m currently doing more like example B and I like it so far. I have two workouts, one more chest back and quad focused and the other arms and Hams focused and alternating them. Heres what ive been doing. The first exercise in each group is sort of a warmup/pre exhaust so i can target each muscle that i want more while still hitting everything. Works out pretty good for me. That way when im doing workout B, im not hitting chest as hard so it can recover, or while doing working A my chest will give out before my triceps so they dont get hit as hard.

Also ive dislocated my knee 4 times (outside of the gym) so please dont harass me about squats. And i dont do any calve exersizes because i dont want them any bigger. Something with my genetics but theyre huge (16" and im 5’6").

Workout A (Quads, Pecs, Lats)

Leg Extensions - 3x16
Leg Press - 3x10

Cable Flys - 3x16
Decline Barbell Press - 3x10
Incline Dumbbell Press - 3x10

Straight Arm Pulldowns - 3x16
Deadlifts - 3x10
Pulldowns - 3x10

Workout B (Hams, Triceps, Biceps)

Leg Curls - 3x16
Leg Press - 3x10

Tricep Extensions - 3x16
Close Grip Bench Press - 3x10
Overhead Dumbbell Press 3x10

Bicep Curls - 3x16
Reverse Grip Rows - 3x10
Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 3x10

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Waterbury has a few and even one that lets you program yourself with the exercise you want.

What you did is not full body. Not even close

And why 4 upper and 1 lower? Yeah, I saw the knee thing, that’s not a reason.


Also what other exercises would make this a full body. I’m hitting all the major muscle groups. Chest triceps Delts biceps Lats traps erectors, quads Hams glutes, and him hitting them from almost every angle.

In fact the bench press and Bent over rows alone works the entire upper body even if some muscles are worked statically. And a fudged knee is all the reason I need. They’re my legs.

How are you able to comfortably perform leg extensions but not sure? I say this as someone 6 months post ACL reconstruction. Squatting has been very beneficial to the knee, but leg extensions are pretty much off my radar for life.

As for routine design proper, what are your goals?


To my knowlege this is what each of these exercises hit, if there are muscles that im unaware of that im not hitting let me know. This seems to hit all the major ones.

Workout A

Leg Extensions - Quads
Leg Press - Quads, Hams, Glutes

Cable Flys - Chest, Delts
Decline Barbell Press - Chest, Triceps, Delts
Incline Dumbbell Press - Chest (Focus on upper), Triceps, Delts

Straight Arm Pulldowns - Lats with assistance triceps
Deadlifts - Erectors, Traps, Lats, assistance from hams/glutes
Pulldowns - Lats, traps, rhomboids, biceps

Workout B

Leg Curls - Hams
Leg Press - Quads, Hams, Glutes

Cable Extensions - Triceps
Close Grip Press - Triceps, Pecs, Delts
Overhead Dumbbell Press - Delts, Triceps

Cable Curls - Biceps
Reverse Grip Rows - Biceps, Lats, Traps, assistance from erectors/hams
Reverse Grip Pulldowns - Biceps, Lats, rhomboids, traps

Leg extensions dont bother my knee, especially since i use light weight and stay in the 16-20 rep range and keep the rom within a comfortable zone.

leg presses allow me to use greater control and simple dont bother my knees. simple as that. my legs are growing to my satisfaction, in fact theyre one of my stronger points.

The way you describe knee exertions sounds horrifying to me honestly. It’s pretty crazy you can do that with your history of knee trauma, but good on you. I found box squats took pressure off my knee, and the prowler was an awesome lower body tool.

Did you see my question about your goals? That helps determine your routine.

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Yeah i mainly just dont lock out at the top. Ive never torn anything but my ligaments are very flexible. I had one corrective surgery that involved the bones in my knee. So far its been almost a year and no injury to my leg training legs this way and its comfortable.

My goal is mainly to be healthy and overall fit and have a proportionate phsyique. Im 27, 155lbs low body fat now (5’6") and my goal is 165 lean by the time im 30. I probably have 5 pounds of fat i could shed, any more and it might be unhealthy. I already have six pack abs.

Out of the 49 sets of exercises, only 3 require co-ordination between the upper and lower body. If you want to use your body for anything useful, I’d adress this.

If you just want to look good then this is not my type ofthing but as long as you are improving over time…

Yes, Waterbury. Total Body Training. Search tool is your friend.

I didn’t ask who’s Legs they were.

Good luck with your program. If you are progressing, that’s all that counts.

Yeah I’m not interested in power cleans or lifting giant tires. I prefer to do exercises in a way that allows maximum focus and mind muscle connection such as sitting while doing curls instead of standing. I’ve read this is important for maximum growth for the targeted muscle. I could be wrong.

if you like the routine and it’s giving you the results you want then that’s all there really is to it.