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Creating a Comprehensive Schedule


OK, I am about to start school full time and work 20 hrs a week while also beginning to take my body and training to new levels. I'd like about a 12-15 week comprehensive plan.

-Weight around 150 lbs... currently about 147... Yea I know, why are you on a body building site!? But I think this # is healthy for me and gives me some flexibility in the future to add/lose 5+ lbs if I start to compete (see below)... you should have seen me when I was 130 haha
-Drop body fat, current % unknown, maybe like 10
-Gain overall strength. Need to test my current 1RMs
-Become a better overall athlete. Increase speed, explosiveness, endurance. (for MMA/football)

Time restrictions obv are my work schedule (TBD) and classes M-F

Already set in stone:
Purchased a membership to MMA gym and will do...
-BJJ Mon/Wed from 6-8
-Striking Mon/Wed 5-6
I also take a 1 credit fitness/conditioning class twice a week where I plan to just work on "small things" I might otherwise ignore such as grip strength, forearms, balance, flexibility etc

I have the option to attend a number of other classes- notably BJJ and striking Sat mornings, wrestling, conditioning, and MMA... offered trhoughout tue/thur/fri/sat

I plan on lifting and maybe sprinting throughout the week. I am unsure what lifts to do or how often. I am thinking big lifts (bench, squat, rows...) 2-3 times a week plus a conditioning class at the gym

I am worried about overtraining/stressing as I got pretty burned out about a month ago doing MMA/lifting/working two jobs; I was basically working everyday (literally 7 days a week) and also training twice a day from may-july then ended up injuring my elbow and wrist. I had to take 4 weeks off to rest and heal but I'm eager to jump back in!

My questions are:
-How often should I lift?
-What exercises are best?
-What type of training would you recommend?
-How often should I practice martial arts (should I add more classes)?
-Would a diet of 40%c/30%p/30%f be optimal?
-Any suggestions for supplements? (Already ordered Flameout, Superfood, and Rhodiola Rosea)

Obv I have to judge a lot of this on my own abilities. I also realize I have some broad questions, but I'd like to hear from anyone with an opinion.
LMK what info I still should give :smiley:


I would first read through this material especially the beginner section.

Good Luck


Go over to combat sports forum,

And read through the stickes,
MMA Training hub I and II,
Post Your Training Questions/Philos...

as well as the many, many threads that have been started about this exact same topic.

But seeing as you posed specific questions, I'll make a brief attempt to answer them-

-Lift 2 - 3 times a week
-The same as everyone else looking to get stronger- squats, dl, press, db bench, row, cleans, chins
-The same as every other beginner, ws4sb, ss, sl.. the list is endless..
-See how you go with what you're doing. If you feel your skills would benefit from more training, do more, if you feel like you're burning out, do less
-I'm not that concerned about specifics of diet, but I would say less carbs, more fats/protein, esp. if you want to just maintain weight and drop BF. Then if you feel like your engergy is low- eat more carbs pre-workout.
-Yeah fish oil is worth it, whey protein, a multi-vitamin if you really feel the need. Superfood and rhodiola rosea you can probably do without, spend the money on real food instead.

I hope this helps.


Yea I am beginning to research the combat sports forum and finding a lot better info for my situation there...


THere's no way I'd pass up on Rhodiola. That's one of the key ingredients in my stack -- the recovery is SO MUCH improved by Rhodiola, and it has other benefits as well, such as sexual and mental clarity. (No, it doesn't give you a boner, it simply makes you have more desire.) I would also say that you need to buy GOOD Rhodiola, and that means Siberian. They grow it in the Arctic cold, on the mountains there. I use Verde Botanica brand, which after experimentation I've found to be the best. Tried a bunch of them -- I also like Adapt 232 , another brand.