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Creating a Bodybuilding Textbook


"Hypertrophy - a first principles approach"

Lurked for over 3 years now and I have decided to condense the combined training knowledge of this forum (selected posters of course) and formulate a textbook on bodybuilding to be sold as a best-seller.
I myself as a randomly oscillating student of bodybuilding have a wealth of bodybuilding information that I will add to the book, but as far as the FORUM contributors:

Prof X - he represents reaching one's possible natural size potential, though not necessarily being able to maintain the size in a dieted condition.

Bonez - logical commonsense approach to reach your goals. No matter what your question is, he will give it to you in black and white.

Maraudermeat - freakish strength considering his actual visible muscle mass. Wealth of knowledge to leap past sticking points and keep progressing.

Cephalic - walking encyclopedia on the subject.

SteelyD - Making VISIBLE progress and growing when nature commands you to stop.

and yes, thats it.

there might be better developed posters, better proportioned posters with more potential or whatever (synergy, onemorerep, kingbeef, H4M) but the 5 mentioned are the ONLY ones who know how to get it done no matter what. Have fun following synergy's diet and training program listed on his thread if you're a beginner/intermediate and see where it gets you for example.


IMPORTANT NOTE********---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The chapters have been compiled. I have passed all the advice handed down by the main posters through a sieve of sorts and boiled it all down to an instructional manual of sorts. "kakno" has been handpicked from among those who responded to the first post, as the person who will be given the download link to share with others as he sees fit.



^ the only book i need...

will your textbook have any references to the hypertrophic effects of baked beans?






yeah that was a trial first post to break the ice and boom, I cant even delete it now.


it looks like you're ok with the short list then?


you've come a long way given your pictures, but you have very little to contribute on a bodybuilding forum, loose skin or not. Keep it up and stay inspired.


Thanks, I guess, lol?

But I am actually genuinely curious... you're actually going to be writing a textbook based on internet personas?


Sounds like a solid idea for a book, IMO....when do you think the manuscript will be made available?

Do you have any sample passages you could post?


everyone on TNation gets it free of charge of course :slightly_smiling:

once the selected posters agree to throw their weight in the right direction and do their job, it will be done.


You're the fucking retard who made a thread about baked beans and size.

They're the only ones who know how to get it done?

What you said about X is meaningless despite Pro X being able to get things done. (Fair shot at a compliment though.)

What you said about BONEZ: Yes, he's a great guy. But to think there's one guy on a fucking FORUM (not acting as a trainer or nutritionist) who can APPLY shit to everyone's case is silly.

You said "get it done no matter what". There's not one person who's doing more than giving some advice through conversation. This isn't online counseling and it's sure not real life coaching. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.


And who will buy your fucking book considering four out of those five mentioned - despite being VERY GOOD, KNOWLEDGEABLE people - don't compete or have demonstrated competence (a real portfolio) in coaching other people or competing?

What's the title gonna be - "Bodybuilding Knowledge I Got from Five Dudes on a Website"?


I wanna be in the book. Where do I sign up? My e-dick is fucking huge ya know.


Profiting from copying the free advice these guys give out... That's low. What's their cut?

WTF dude?



I'd probably buy it just for the chapter on baked beans.


There are tons of 'how to' bodybuilding books out there, and sadly most people don't, and will never "get it" no matter how much they read, even if they're smart enough to read the 'science-y' ones instead of "how does this pro train" type ones. So you've taken it upon yourself to copy/paste advice from people on an internet forum to create the book that trumps them all? Seriously? I respect the guys you listed as well (although I don't feel the need to kiss up to them in a posting), but I think the "best of" stickied thread pretty much covers what everyone on here needs to read.





Is there going to be a book signing? Because I won't buy the book unless I can have them guys sign it. God damn, I can't wait to introduce this to the girls at the bookclub!



feed them with funny replies, not serial ones.


well Bricknyce, given we "all" know what you look like (lol), I or anyone even remotely serious certainly wont be approaching you for advice on physique development so please stop posting on this thread and if possible stick to runnersworld.com instead of a bodybuilding forum on a serious site. you're not worth the effort. Thank you and stay positive.


Sorry, didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

How's this:

uh,... will you,.. I mean,.. uh,.. would there be...um,.. are we supposed to.... ah forget it, I got nothing :frowning:



FWIW I respect what you've achieved and I hope you keep improving. I have listed each individual for a specific reason. Not everyone on there is a "big guy" but I feel the listed posters are the "few" who get it, and why the forum exists in the first place...and they know what someone needs to understand and focus on if standing out in public muscularly, "even dressed" is ever a goal.