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A friend of mine gave me some GNC Pro Performance Creatine monohydrate. I know, I know, it’s GNC, but I didn’t pay for it. I read “Dangerous Creatine” and was wondering if any of you guys know if this brand contains Guanidinopronionic Acid (GPA) or Glycocyamine. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Usually, on the label, it says the ingredients. It’ll say ingredients: “whatever is in the product.” If you don’t see it, chances are, it’s not in there.

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback! I was just making sure, you know. Not my favorite brand, but it was free so what the heck.

No, it doesn’t have it in it.

Creatine from GNC is/was pretty cheap. I got 1000g of creatine for ~$15. Sometimes GNC has decent specials going on, especially if you need something right away.

Thank you. I guess I was worried about the purity of it, because it did not say Creapure, or something like that. Thanks again for the information on the GNC deals!