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I was mixing micronized creatine powder with Power Drive before and Surge after workouts. Decided to stop for a while to see if I noticed a differnce. Can't say that I did.

Tell me about your:

Twice or more per day? (i.e. either side of a workout, or morning & evening)

Powder, stired into a protein shake?
One of those glucose/sugar enhanced formulas?

On all the time?
On & off at some specific interval?

Thanks guys! er and um gals...


Daily for a month or so @ about 3-5g/day, 3 grams on workout days thereafter. Notice an appreciable difference.

Some people are responders, some aren't. There's a lot of factors that go into whether or not you'll experience a significant difference.

When you use it, do you experience any of the water gain many people do?



More optimal to take after workout with PWO to take advantage of insulin spike and after workout load.
Plain creatine is best and best value. Simply add 3g or so with PWO or in morning grape juice on non-workout days is ok.
Most new info says no need to cycle. But the way it stores and works my feeling is you could take 2-4 weeks off every 8-12 weeks and not lose anything. Save you some money as well.

That said--I don't use it. I've never had alot of success with the stuff. I did put some water weight on and I "looked" bigger and my muscles fuller, but it never really carried over to additional strength or muscle endurance for me.


ive been taking 3 grams post workout, for a long time (>4 months) and i think it helps with the recovery rate more than actual performance with the weights...