Do you use Creatine? If so, what brand and how much do you take? How much are you paying for it?

  • Larry

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I wasn’t asking if I should take creatine. I was asking what brands people are using and what they are paying. I’m trying to find a decent place to order it from at a good price. This did not come up when I searched.

You could just go with the unflavored creatine monohydrate from GNC to mix in with your PWO drink. You should normally consume about 5G-10G daily. I normally take 5G post workout to restore ATP levels. But I have heard of people taking it during AND after workouts. (*5G each)
As far as cycling goes:
2 months on - 2 months off…


There’s nothing wrong with your question. Sometimes using the search engine doesn’t produce exactly what you’re looking for.

I usually go with a monohydrate and take 20 grams a day. I’m using Scitec’s brand right now.

Most monohydrate brands are about the same. You could try Scitec, Optimum, or Dymatize.

The scitec 600 gram container I bought was $15.95 for 100 servings.


Thanks. I think I’ve decided to order a container of ProLab from an online site. They have it the cheapest I’ve found it.

I’d like to start taking it today. Do you know if GNC has the creapure label? I want to get a small bottle for now.

You should get “micronized” which absorbs better and dizzolves in liquid better and isn’t gritty. AST is the brand I use, it’s reasonably priced and you can order it from just about any online supplement store. I also remember someone saying that creapure is good because they manufacture thier own so you know it’s legit. either of those are good choices.

Vegita is correct about the micronized creatine. I forgot to mention that.

I’m not too familiar with GNC and the products they carry.

Basically, as Vegita has said, any brand with Creapure or Ultrapure on the label will work.


I’ll check into the micronized. I just went and picked up a small thing of Optimum Nutrition. It was very high though, 300g was $14.19.

Vitoglo has AST Micronized Creatine 1000g for $32.47, is this a good price?

Nevermind…dpsnutrition has 2000g Optimum Nutrition Creatine Micronized for $34.90. That’s a great price!

Thanks everyone!!!

  • Larry

My point was that your exact question gets asked quite frequently. The answer is always the same.

No problem…I understand. Thanks.

One more question that I can’t find in other posts. Does it matter when creatine is taken? I know David Barr and CW recommend it after a workout, but will it work just as well if taken in my morning Low-Carb Grow! shake?

5-10 grams a day?? 20 grams??

you can load the creatine for a week, 4 servings of 5 grams a day, but other then that you don’t need more then 3-5 grams a day to maintain, unless you like having expensive urine.

Optimum–after workout with your PW shake. Max 5g. If you feel the need for more ?why? Try 1 or 2 more servings of 2 or 3g with breakfast and with a snack 2-3 hours apart. I personally feel this might with some people be overkill. Non training days just take it with am juice or shake. Forget the loading phase–it will take an extra week or two-- but you will be saturated with creatine. Good luck

ps I prefer grape juice!

No need to take 10 or even 5 grams of creatine nor loading. Only 2 or 3 grams is needed. Search for articles on it.


Here’s a cut and paste from an old Behind the Scenes article by Tim Patterson with Dr. Serrano’s Creatine Cycle:

Dr. Eric Serrano’s Creatine Super Cycle:

Week 1: 0.35 g/k (grams of creatine per kilo of bodyweight)*
Weeks 2-5: 0.15 g/k
Week 6: Off
Week 7: 0.35 g/k
Week 8: 0.15 g/k
Weeks 9-12: Off

*Example: A 200-pound bodybuilder would take 32 grams of creatine a day for weeks 1 and 7; and 14 grams a day for weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.

Also very important to Dr. Serrano about creatine use:

? Take no more than five grams per dose.
? Mix with a minimum of 12 ounces of water.
? Avoid taking creatine while on anti-inflammatory medications.
? Do not take creatine right before training.

Here’s the link for the previsouly mentioned quote:;?id=462267

Also use hot water to dissolve your creatine as previously mentioned in Cy Wilson’s Cool Tip:;?id=569998

It doesn’t matter when you drink your creatine but you may want to avoid drinking it before a workout on the off chance it causes cramping. Also drink more water than usual so that the creatine can do it’s job and pack your cells with water.

The guy is on the beginner page,can you really justify 30+ grams of creatine–no matter what his weight is. That may be a cycle for someone, but not a beginner.

That’s way too complicated. There’s no reason to make it that complex. Keep it simple.

Take 5g a day. If you’re working out that day, take it with your high-carb PWO drink. If you’re not working out that day, take it any time.

Timing of creatine is not critical, with one exception (and even then it’s not critical). You can pack in excess of your normal “max” if you take creatine when your body is in the post-workout state and you’re triggering a good insulin reponse (i.e. taking it with proper post-workout nutrition).

Keep it simple.