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Creatine (?)

New member here.

Since Biotest doesn’t sell a Creatine product … what brand would you/do you use?

That being said … do you get good results from your Creatine supp? Examples?




Creatine increases water retention in the muscles so if you want to get big, take it. Something interesting my brother told me is that very few companies actually manufacture the product, whereas other companies will buy it from the manufacturers and resell it. To ensure you’re getting 100% creatine, your best bet is to buy it from a manufacturer. How do you tell if it’s from a manufacturer or not? Simple. The Creapure label. I would say, go out and get yourself some creatine ASAP. (Thanks for the info Dave).

Yep! creatine is good stuff. There is alot of science behind it too. To find out what not to take look up Dangerous Creatine in the archives.
As a recovery and strength aide I have used it consistently for a couple of years. In those years I have increased in size from about 143-145 to 157-160.Body fat consistently at 6-7% This is also including some serious weight training that I got on this site. Bench has gone up from 220-230 to 270 for reps and still rising. All other lifts have increased proportionaly, and still rising.
I don’t give all the credit to creatine though. Its good shit but it only works if you use it properly. You found this site, so your’e on the right track. Good luck and keep us posted on progress.

Buy only products with the Creapure label on it. I get mine from Prolab.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I have tried it a few times but seemed to always mess up the dosing because I get busy with work, or famly, or whatever.

So I would be correct in saying that the MusscleTech Brand CellTech … is junk? Or is it decent … just not the best?


Prolab. Dirt cheap, +CreaPure label. got 2lb tub from dpsnutrition for 18 bucks. Can’t really beat that!


The CellTech is not worth the $$ I cannot comment on the science of the product but i do know that your paying a lot of money for koolaid type flavoring. Do as the others have suggested and get the cheaper stuff as long as it is crea-pure! Add your own juice if you must.

does anyone know if the GNC brand is crea-pure?

The “Dangerous Creatine” article is pretty good. Check it out :).

[quote]BigDirk wrote:
does anyone know if the GNC brand is crea-pure?[/quote]

Chris Shugart mentions using it himself, so I doubt there’s anything heinously wrong with it.

As stated above just get regular ole creatine. If you are going to spring for an extra go for micronized. It simply mixes a lil easier.

Go for a reputable company, but it should still be DIRT cheap.

Don’t fall for the super Crea-build-muscle-shuga-coata-mega-tine crap.

Creatine monohydrate, micronized optional, proven effective, and simple. Don’t expect to become Ronnie Coleman overnight. It is simply supplement AID.

Hope that helps,

OH damn, and WELCOME to T-Nation!!!

Glad to have you join are little community, and keep the post/questions a coming. Thats what the forum is here for. We’ll try and help as we are able, and any info. you can lay upon us is welcome as well.


I just switched to Life Extension’s Micronized Creatine Powder, made with CREAPURE (“a trademark of Degussa AG, together with all its affiliates”).

Anyone familiar with this particular brand?

I checked the label on the CellTech and there are no mentioning of the ingreidients that the “bad creatine” article mentioned. So I guess I am going to live (just for today!)

I have never believed in the “loading” phase … I simply take a serving right after workout (I think I love the sugar and ALA the most after a hard workout). If I am not working out … I take a serving in the morning and call it a day.

Price wise … I spend $50 for a 7lb container of this stuff and it lasts me for months and months.

I’ve tried so many different creatine products (remember the one you used to used “drops” under your tongue for “SUPER FAST ABSORPTION!!” … LOL )

This one has worked well for me.

DAvey, Phil, Mowgli … and to the rest … thanks for the great replies.

This is the first board I have ever been to where so many people are so helpful.