Allow me to begin by saying I have supplimented with creatine twice(6-8week cycles). The first time I loaded, my second time I loaded but much less. I am now 1 week into my supplimentation and without loading I am progressing very well. My question concerns other member’s experiences with creatine. I for one see excellent lean gains in addition to strength increases. I also while on creatine get more libido and acne. These symtoms seem to be present again. This has happened with all three brands of creatine I’ve used. They have all been “pure creatine” not mixes or formulas. Anyone else have similar experiences? Interested to know. Thanks


I seem to second your experience although I would like to give it a little more time since I started fairly recently. I have read that loading is not necessary, so I didn’t load and just started taking it every day. 5 grams in the morning and 5 grams in the evening on non workout days and 10 grams in the morning and 10 grams 15 min after a workout on workout days. I have also read that because of the issue with dissolving it in a regular water to dissolve it in the warm water and drink it immediately, because apparently it become unstable in any water solution.