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im thinking of taking creatine…Is there any benefit to taking womens creatine (i am a woman) over the regular stuff or does it even matter? Also, what how much lean mass can be gained when taking it vs. if you are not taking it, assuming that one is training pretty intensly? (and yes, i realize that creatine just gives you the energy to work out harder, and i know that its not some magic powder for gain or whatever)

Womens Creatine??

Sounds like yet another gimick.

Stick to the regular old mizronized stuff.

As far as how much to expect. That depends. Some respond well some dont. You will just have to give it a go.

Also dependent on your current diet. If you are not getting enough from your protein sources then you will see a bigger difference. Look for good pumps and noticably larger muscle (swollen) @ best.

Hope that helps.


The women’s creatine is usually the creatine serum products. Do not waste your money on these. Creatine is not stable in liquid and will become creatinine. This has no benefit to you, it’s all a scam. Just use regular creatine as Phil mentioned.

“Womens Creatine,” Whahaha. The best par is that they will get an extra dollar, or so, a container, and all of the gullible women will line up to buy the stuff!