After 1 year of weightlifting, I am finally going to start taking creatine. With all the brands out their, how do I chose one? What should I look for? I heard monohydrate is the best. Anyway, Im going to GNC tommorow and was wondering what I should buy.

Also, Is this any good:



first off don’t go to gnc buy it online at dpsnutrition or netrition …second get some prolab creapure just plain powder creapure is best quality.

I know that GNC overcharges and that the people their dont’ know what theyr’e talking about, but im only 16 and still live with my parents. They don’t think supplements are necessary, despite what I have told them about it. So having a package delivered to my house is probally not the best idea. Any other suggestions?

I have tried several creatine products and the one that I have found works best is creatine edge. It is made by fsi nutrition.

my advice - dont take it yet. lift some more, then when you feel you have hit a plateau then move up to plain old protein. when you hit a plateau with that then you can move up to creatine. personally, i have never used it, but as far as protein is concerned, u should get surge, its the best.

they must still sell prolab. There was a poll in the forums for best creatine and prolab came up a lot, I also use it. Search for the poll. Also creapure will be the best, always. I have tried the gnc creatine and returned it. For some reason I had more cramping with it. Odd but it did happen. I hope you at least have your gold card.

Maybe a 18 year old friend can buy it for you with a debit card online?

Thanks, I already take a protien supplent, but how do you know when you reached your plateau?

Uh, there’s no way you’ll reach the elusive “plateau” after only one year of training and at the tender age of 16.

Eat beef. Red meat contains creatine. You eat plenty of that; hell, eat plenty of food in general, and you’ll never worry about “plateaus”.

No need for supplements until you’ve had plenty of experience (translates to: many more years) under the iron and with a sound diet.

Whey protein is convenient, that’s it. If you hit a plateau, there’s nothing whey protein is going to do for you- it’s nothing special.

Creatine isn’t much better. The advantage to using a powder supplement is that you can take it right when you need it- after you train.

Listen to Patricia. Beef is loaded with protein and creatine, and vitamins and minerals and everything else you need to grow.

Except for D-bol. There’s none of that.

At 16, I’m willing to bet that there are better fish to fry before you worry about what kind of powders to get. Lift heavy and eat according to your goals. I’m assuming they are to gain size; if that’s the case, then eat big. Duh. Don’t worry about little shit like creatine powder.

Make sure you consume at least one gram per pound of bodyweight. Just consume plently of clean carbs and heathly fats and you’ll gain muscles. You’re only 16 years old and at peak of testoterone levels! We’d kill to have that level back. Next, having a sound weight lifting is crucial! I remember that at your age, i lifted way too much, at least 2 hours 5 times a week, thinking more is better. Getting 9-10 hours of sleep is also important. i didn’t sleep much back then. i didn’t know just how much impact sleeping could have on muscle growth. Focus on those 3 main things that i just laid out for you and muscles should come easily. Wait till you’re 17 before trying creatine (any brands that sells creapure will do). Follow Beradi’s or Lowery’s on eating…

Thanks guys, that really helped!

just eat. Eat a ridiculous amount of food. Best time of your life cause the more you eat (as long as you are training hard and smart) the more you grow.
That shit stops in your twenty’s and i’m guessing just gets hard after that…
hell i put on 30kgs in 3 years (16-19) and went from a skinny little bitch to a bouncer in one of the biggest clubs in the country. Lotsa fun.

I think herring has the highest creatine content of any food.

josh just use regular ol creatine powder. gnc has one or I would go with optimum both fairly inexpensive. Even cheaper on the web. Buy some ultra fuel or carbo drink mix and you’ll be set. hope this helps.