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Note: it is discouraged to use caffeine while on creatine; while creatine makes your muscles hold water, caffeine will do the opposite, thereby reducing the effects of the creatine intake.
I suggest you take a look at this site about Creatine.


Here’s a quote regarding mixing Creatine and Juice

“Don’t mix creatine with citrus juice. Orange, grapefruit, cranberry, in fact, most fruit juices have been most recently found to neutralize the activity of creatine monohydrate. The reason is the waste product creatinine develops. A lot of you put creatine on your tongue and drink it down with grapefruit juice. If you have taken creatine this way in the past, stop it now! You are not getting creatine, you’re getting waste product.”

Also, Muscle cramps and pulls are common side effects of creatine usage. However, this is due mainly to dehydration on the users part. Since we all know that creatine pulls water into the muscles from the core, if there isn’t enough water in the persons core, they often cramp. This is why it’s also recommended not to drink much alcohol, caffeine or other dehydrating agents while cycling creatine.

References for these comments are posted on the bottom of that webpage.

If the acidity of the fruit juice will break down creatine, why wouldn’t gastric juice do the same?

Would that mean that a thermogenic that contains caffeine would essentially cancel out any benefits form the creatine?

E McKee: That’s a good question. My guess is because you likely absorb the creatine into your bloodstream well before your gastric juices break it down. As far as I know liquids don’t sit in your stomach to be digested, in the same manner as solid food does. If that weren’t the case, all the water you drink would be acidified and not go into your cells either. Perhaps someone else has a better clue.

Cory: I’d have to agree with your statement. BUT (and that’s a big but), you can probably work around it by being extra sure to have compensate with even more water than normal when you have caffeine.

I think when using creatine small amounts of caffeine is not going to bother you. But if you using caffiene enough to have to piss all the time then that is another thing. The body adapts to a certain amount of caffeine. I think just staying hydrated thru out the day is enough. Drinking atleast a gallon of water a day when cycling creatine.

As far as the caffeine in the thermo agents do not know. That is a good question and interested to know myself.

Well, there is a lot of bollocks out there on creatine

Creatine undergos spontaneous conversion to creatinine under the influence of acidic solutions and heat. But this is a slow process, so taking creatine in juice and then drinking it straight down, isnt going to make ANY difference.
If you leave it in the orange juice for 2-3 days then drink it, you probably deserve to get creatinine.

And on the caffeine comment, 1-2 papers have shown a potential relationship. But you also have to take into account, they used large doses of caffeine, not hte amount people would usually take in.

And putting it in the concept of creatine makes you hold water and caffeine makes you lose water is strange.
Creatine will make you hold water because its hydrophillic. This has nothing much to do with its cellular effects. And caffeine is a pretty pathetic diruetic that will probably have little effect on cellular hydration.