Hello all, This is a question regarding syntrax swole. I have takin a wide variety of different creatine products. Ranging from straight creatine, to Cell-tech. I have read up on syntrax swole and wanted to hear some results of people that have used it. Let me know, if I like what I hear I may purchase the product. Thanx in advance

syntrax = sleaze. I just don’t trust that company.

I think the effect of the “super” creatine products is only a few percentage points better than plain white powdered stuff. Ian King has said the same. So buy the cheap stuff.

The only thing sytrax ever put out that was worth a damn was Adipokinetix which is now defunct.The original Triax was good also but is also defunct.

From a coworker who uses it, he claims that it worked just as well as creatine monohydrate even without the loading as well as using half the amount of creatine in general. A customer, however, claims he experienced nothing different. Then again, this customer is using a whole host of other things as well. My conclusion is that if you wanna know try it out yourself. I’m thinking of giving it a try myself.

Swole is awesome. I’ve been training for 8 years and tried all sorts of creatine. Swole doesn’t give me stomach upset, doesn’t make me bloated, and is very diet-friendly as it contains no sugar but tastes nice and mixes well. It kinda sucks that it’s not avaliable here in Canada but I was using it in the U.K. and I will defanatley be sneaking some over from buffalo. (Border Guards beware)

Swole is available in Canada. $50 per tub.

I can’t beleive my fucking ears, good ol’ syntrax primary advertising stratergy is, you guessed it, before and after. Did you read this weeks article? Has the highly original and innovative advertising board at Syantrax fooled some more gullable knob-heads. Look it’s just creatine it can only do so much despite the amount of complicated chemical sounding substances they throw in to sound good.

Anyone try SAN’s V-12 creatine formula?
Some feedback would be appreciated.

No I haven’t tried SAN’s V-12, certainly sounds good, but a bit expensive. On another note, while looking this product up I noticed that SAN is selling their own Version of T2, no joke.