I need help finding a good creatine product, i have tried cell-tech but that shit did not work i need to know which creatine product will work for me or is it that my body does not respond to creatine or what??? I NEED HELP

MHP’S Trac is the best I’ve used. No sugar, very potent. However, I usually just throw in some powdered prolab or eas in my shakes. I’ve heard great things about Syntrax’s Swole, but I’m not sure on that one.

Im in the same boat as I am finishing my cell-tech in a week or so. Not really worth it. Plus it was $100 CAN. Id like to know a creatine product that is reasonably priced and works.

You guys need to stop buying the overpriced, overhyped surgary creatine formulas. I don’t think anyone guys those anymore except for teens who don’t know any better. All you need is plain white creatine, nothing else in there. Take it post training with some carbs. I think T-mag ran an article on creatine myths way back in year one. You might want to check it out.

I use EAS Simply Creatine. It is 100% Creatine Monohydrate and is 13.49 for 500 grams.

I thought the monohydrate was the best it was gonna get as far as creatine went, that is, until I tried FSI effervescent. I have gotten great results from it. It is a bit more expensive than regular old monohydrate, so if money is an issue, go with TEK’s suggestion…otherwise, give FSI a go.

Go to valuenutrition. You can get 500g for 8.95.

Prosource 100% pure German Creatine. Best I’ve ever used, only one I’ll buy. $33 for 1000 mg.

I am a big fan of Avera Sport, it is a “power gel” like creatine stabilzed product that is easy to use and to me has lived up to its hype.

the thing with creatine is that a lot of companies sell the bad kind with a lot of impurities. it used to cause havoc on me. i like the CREApure ones like the prolab one. others also have it. prosource is good also but a little more expensive. try dpsnutrition. laters pk