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Often times I mix my creatine in with my protein shake after a good workout. Now I mix it with water when I put creatine in, but when I just eat a protein shake I use milk because it tastes so much better. Would I get the same benefits from creatine if I mix it in milk? Also, does it make a difference if I put 3 scoops of protein in my shake or if I drink 3 shakes throughout the day?

Generally speaking, it won’t matter what the base of your shake is, for the purposes of using creatine. It’s not going to fully dissolve in the shake, but in your stomach. What I would do is just toss in a little extra creatine in your milk-based shake, that way hopefully you’ll absord the extra to make up for any that’s stuck to the blender, etc.

As far as the frequency of yor shakes, generally speaking it's better to have as many small meals (and most people count shakes as meals) as is possible throughout the day. You body will more readliy absorb 120g of protein in three seperate servings of 40g than in one sitting. Hope this helps.

I like to have creatine, BCAA, glutamine, Vitamin C and some minerals in 12 ounces of grape juice after a workout and then go for the protein shake. What you are doing is fine. If you are worried at all, just take the creatine with juice and then have your protein shake.