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What’s the preferred brand of creatine?
(Or are they all the same?)

Plain white powdered creatine. Any brand will do. The creatine in Kool-Aid stuff is mostly marketing hype. Plus I for one don’t want the high GI carbs every day. EAS is good for plain stuff; they sell it at Wal-Mart now. You can also buy it for $20 a kilo online at some places but I wonder about the quality there. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Anyway, just stick to plain white powdered creatine. The Kool-Aide stuff isn’t needed and the serum stuff is a scam.

One name brand is as good as another. Buy on sale.

Although I agree with TEK and Vman that serum creatine is a scam, and that most creatine monohydrates are pretty much the same, I have gotten my best results with FSI’s creatine clear (which is an effervescent brand). This is after a year of monohydrate use.

From purity analysis’ I’ve read, Prolab is high, Eas, and I like AST’s and Labrada’s.