I herd that creatine serum wasn’t that good.But than i also herd that not much of the powder was absorbe in your blood streem ider.
My question is which is the better of the two evil and why? I will take your responce verry seriously.Thanks in advance!

Yo ralph, stay away form the serum bro. I learned it sucked after buying two 40 to 45 dollar bottles of it. And even though its true that some of the powder does go to waste…its better that dirnking that creatine of nothing (which would be the Serum). I posted up a thread here about what type of cratine would be considered the best and some people wrote back saying that FSI’s Creatine Citrate ( it bubbles like Alka Seltzer) was real good and is best absorbed. Others said Prolab’ monohydrate and EAS’s; as for me i just got Prolabs and am going to give it a try. But what ever you do don’t get the creatine serum just get the Creatine Monohydrate and give that a try —side note Drink alotta water when you are on creatine; since creatine retains water for you…and as for loading its not nessary but it does speed things up…hope that was help…peace!

Creatine serum NEVER works. Powdered creatine monohydrate is a good product.

Try drinking the powdered creatine in luke warm water. If you have used cold water you know how much goes to the bottom. I recently found out about using warmer water and it almost is all absorbed. The real test was in the workout and I have noticed a significant difference. I no longer begin to feel the fatigue setting in as I did before. I also get better pumps too.

I’ve tried every creatine known to man over the last 6 years or so and by far I like the Met-Rx micronized creatine. I also agree with the warm water comment, that makes a huge difference. You should mix in the biggest tub of water you can find. If you can see it floating, then it is going to rip right through you and your gonna have a nice trip in the bathroom in a few hours. Always dilute the heck out of it.

creatine is not stable in liquid, so the serum is absolute garbage, lab tests have shown that there is a very tiny amount of creatine left in the bottle. so go with regular creatine monohydrate, any brand with a good reputation, just remeber to mix is with alot of water, the reason creatine settles to the bottom of a glass is beacuse it takes alot of water to disolve it, also warm water has been suggested by many to help absorbtion, as well as 50gpro + 50gcarbs.