How can you tell if creatine is working for you. I think that I might be a nonresponder? I don’t seem to grow from it or gain much mass. I am not sure if I am wasting my money? Any thoughts?

I had good results with eas Phosphagen HP product. Loading is very important. I loaded with 8 servings a day for 40 grams for 7 days then stayed on 1 to 2 serving there after. I usually get a bit bigger right away from the water held in the cells. While on a creatine cycly I can work out harder longer, get better pumps and develop strength faster. Nothing phenomal but development beyond a no creatine cycle.

Make sure you are putting down the water like you should. I made the mistake several times trying creatine over and over and I wasnt drinking enough water. IT made all the difference.

i didnt get shit the first time. Used the same stuff though like 6months later and got decent gains in strength, and refreshingly nice pumps while “on”

Thanks guys. Greg you might be right. I think my water intake has benn low. I will try that & see what happens.

You might want to also try drinking it in luke warm water. I have recently read a few studies done on creatine absorption or rather the lack of when put into cold water. If you watch when you put your creatine in cold water you get that crap at the bottom some times and you have to a damn spoon to get it out. You know thats like a dollar you waste if you dont!
And again put down the water. You will get used to it after a while. If still nothing even after changing your water drinking then you might want to try effervescent creatine from FSI. I didnt respond too well to powdered creatine but the effervescent has seemed to really make a difference. And even if it is a placebo effect I am still making gains.

That’s some pretty expensive creatine…dollar a serving? Hope it’s spiked with something better than that!

Yeah, loading is a must… about 5 servings a day for 5 days, 2-3 everyday thereafter. 1/2 tblspn is about one serving. at my desk at work, i have a reminder pop up on my computer, i get a scoop, dump the powder straight in my mouth and chase it with water. that works just as good if not better for me than anything else. and i buy the GNC generic creatine, works just as good for me as that kool-aid HP by EAS. but a lot cheaper !!.. every one is different though.

KM, some people are nonresponders. I have Ian Kings book, “Get Buffed”, wherein he says folks who follow his creatine protocol have shown near 100% results–well I followed it and it didn’t do shit for me. I am pretty strong and pretty solid anyway, maybe it depends on where you are starting from or how much creatine your body produces naturally–I don’t know–But it does nil but burn a few bucks for me. Seems like I remember an article here, TC or someone who said he was a nonresponder also. I would suggest instead, lots of beans and greens with high quality protein.

Thanks Tinman

I will try drinking more water then I will get off for a while to see if i noctice the diff. It might not be worth all that money for me to gain 1 to 2 lbs of muscle which is what it might come out to be.