Rumors are that this site has great articles on creatine. I’ve read most of them but I can’t find articles on specifically on how to take it properly. All the articles are info on creatines effects on the body.

How do I correctly take creatine? And when should I take creatine (especially during the loading phase)? What should I take creatine with (citrus juice has negative effects on creatine, yet I’ve heard gatorade and kool-aid should be taken with creatine, but they both contain citrus juices)? Does it work with milk?

This is what I got so far:

First 5 days (loading)–20 grams/day split evenly throughout the day.

Next 9 weeks (upkeep)–5 grams/day. (Is 10 grams better? I also read I should take the dosage 30 minutes before a workout, is this good?)

Well if you have read the articles then you should have the gest of it and know there is NO need for a loading phase and that the timing doesnt really matter.

Just take it. 5g 1 tsp a day. It mixes well in a warm liquid. Also it MAY be of benefit to add it into your Surge PWO shake on training days.

Other than that not much is needed Just 5g or even less a day.

Hope that helps,

Phil’s pretty much right on - just get a good powder, take enough according to lean body mass, and you’re gold. Just get a creatine monohydrate powder - any additives tend to give people gas.


It’s more than “may”. There’s plenty of evidence that you want the creatine in your PWO window along with the other stuff you get there.

On workout days, take the creatine during or right after your workout, when you are spiking your insulin with a PWO drink like Surge. On other days, just take it any time.

The other stuff the guys said is accurate. Plain creatine monohydrate. 5g a day is more than enough.

BTW, this has been answered a jillion times in the other creatine threads. Just take five minutes to stroll through the Supplements and Nutrition forum threads. But, might as well answer it again.

softballhead, how many articles does this site have?

Her’s one that addresses your concerns: