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Creatine Workout Days Only?

I did a loading phase of creatine a few weeks ago and then I only put the stuff in my PWO Surge. My bud says I have to take creatine everyday or it won’t have any effect. I workout and ingest creatine only 3 days a week.

Is it better to have creatine everyday or just on workout days?

In theory, acute creatine supplementation might be in action beneficial for a single event high intensity intervals with brief recovery periods.

studies have found that a daily creatine dose of 3g/day will increase muscle total creatine to the same values observed with 5days of 20g, however it takes longer ?28-30 days. Once muscle Cr is elevated, ingesting only 2g/day is sufficient to maintain Cr stores. (ACSM 2000)

The ingestion of 5g creatine in solution will peak the plasma creatine concentration within 1 hour and remain elevated for a further 1-2 hours. It takes 28 ? 30 days or longer for levels to return to normal once creatine supplementation is stopped.

the short answer is it may inhibit total creatine absorption, current literature states that 3g minimum daily is needed to maintain peak Cr levels. So yes it would be best to suppliment creatine daily in 3-5g doeses

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Well some say yes just training days are fine some no. As cheap as the stuff is I say take it daily. Its cheap and painless to down it in a glass of hot liquid.

Then no worries worst thing being your pee may cost a few cents more.