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Creatine With Water?


Is it ok to drink Creatine with water? I stay in a hotel, and juice is not avaible, but water is.


Try dissolving with hot water if that's all that's available to you. I think I read that people have creatine with their tea or coffee


I've mixed creatine in cold water, hot water, tuna, juice, whatever. It never really made a difference with me. While the warmer water will enhance the solubility of the creatine, it really isn't that big of a deal. Try taking it with food though to help aid in digestion. Sugars and sodium will help the absorption of creatine.

Somewhere I read that caffeine inhibited creatine uptake. Perhaps this could be because caffeine is a diuretic (if taken in high doses or at doses you aren't used to), but assuming you regularly intake caffeine it shouldn't be a problem. I'll have to double check the caffeine thing.

Anyway, I just drop a scoop in my mouth, take a swig of water and swish around, swollow, before eating breakfast. It works for me.



I've tryed it a couple of times and hated it. To me it kind of seemed like drinking tonic water with sand in it. Not so great but that was also with cold water and compared to some of the other guys around here I'm a pussy. I don't do the whole powder then swish thing, sticks to my throat and makes me cough for half an hour.



Try using the products from 6-Star. It is already mixed with sugar and sodium. It also comes in a Fruit Punch flavor and taste fine with water.

Don't knock 6-Star even if you can buy it at Wal-Mart, it good stuff.


Yea, it's good because it's one star ahead of 5-star and it tastes like kool-aid. I don't know if I'd want to base quality off of how something tastes rather than the manufacturer that produces the stuff.


Creatine in water works just fine - unless you have a sensitive stomach. I can take creatine in juice, or protein shake, or Surge (my personal favorite)with no problem. But if I take it in water - I puke it up. I don't know why I am like that, but I have been for going on 6 years now.


i don't think there's anything wrong with taking it with water.

from my experience, however, some of the cheap creatines (i.e. GNC's) will taste grainy no matter what you mix it with. i just got the creatine sold here, and it mixes really well with everything. if you're taking that one, you're set. just drink it with water.


I will put it in a bottle of water and mix one of those crystal light singles in with it. Just shake it up between drinks since it settles a little. Or chug it fast. It works pretty good when traveling.


correct me if im wrong but youre not supposed to take creatine with water alone because it wont make it to your muscles..arent you supposed to boost your insulin by taking it with something high in sugar or other carbs, thus allowing the creatine to absorb? and THEN throughout the day drink a lot of water..otherwise your just gonna piss out the creatine...right? i thought that was basically an unwritten rule..


Creatine with water isn't optimal, but it's fine. Much like the way that working out at a hotel gym is not optimal, but it's fine.


Yes, that's why you take your creatine water with or just after a meal.

And what about just diluting it with more water if you throw it up. 5grams is just a teaspoon so mix that with a pint, and you wont taste anything at all. I know i dont.


I mix mine with Surge. This works well for me.



I just spoon it down and chase it with water about an hour before I workout. Works fine for me.


I mix it in water all the time on Low carb days. I just add a little table salt.


Over in another thread I asked about taking creatine with straight-up whey protein and whether that would have enough of an insulinogenic effect (have to admit I got that word off the back of the canister) to aid in absorption and the answer came back, "yes."

So, I mix my creatine in my whey when I wake up and take another about an hour before working out. It's only been a couple of days, so I can't say I've noticed a difference yet.


I miks water , dextrose and creatine


Yeah same here, sometimes I mix it in my shakes pre and post workout, with water, protein powder, olive oil, oats glutamine, and whatever else I can find. I do not think it matters.


That whole mixing it with lots of carbs thing is jsut a way to sell those expensive powders.That stuff tastes like crap anyway. you also dont need to take five grams a day which is also bs Just scoop it in you mouth and swallow it what is wrong with having a gritty taste it has no flavor.

dont be a puss if you a wuzz involving that how do you everythink your going to get big i would jsut give up.


I can't understand a fucking thing you wrote.