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Creatine + White Sugar


I just ordered some of the Biotest creatine..

Is there any reason why I can't add a scoop of creatine and a tsp. table sugar to water.

It seems like it will work. I just wonder if I'm missing something.


I just add it to warm water or tea and NO sugar on non training days, and to Surge on training day. But yes sure go for it if you need the extra calories.

Table sugar not being the best source of fast sugars but will add some carbs to your diet couldnt hurt.


I sometimes put mine in my post-workout shake.

My PWO shake consists of:

1 Scoop Whey protein
2 scoops (60g) of Dextrose.

As Biotest doesn't make dextrose I don't think they should have a problem in me saying that you can purchase your dextrose from other sites.

I recommend a good protein though, for that you can hitup the Biotest guys.

Quality is important.

NOW Foods makes the dextrose I use.


It's fine, but you'll need a LOT more sucrose to enhance muscle uptake -if that is your goal.


Sounds like I might be better off using grape juice.


No because I think all juices are fructose which is not the fastest insulin spiking sugar either. I get dextrose from NOW foods too and it's like 2 bucks at some bodybuilding websites.


My Creatine arrived today...that stuff is smooth. I am very impressed.

The Rocky Road Bars taste awesome BTW.

I am now a shameless Biotest Fanboy.


The point Mr. Barr was making is valid and missed here. The creatine 'uptake' by simple carbs is non-sensical given the quantity of sugar it takes to actually affect the process. The advantage post-workout is the receptor and nutritional uptake factors of which simple carbs are part of the equation.

In and of itself, carbs in whatever 'ose' form you choose actually has minimal effect on creatine facilitation.


If that's the case I should just stir it up in water and shut up.