Creatine while on gear?

Is there any point to this? Do most of you guys really bother with it? I did a little search but it seems like a stupid question…lol
I mean I was thinking if ones diet is the key to getting big while on roids then if every little helps so should something like creatine???
Tell me if I’m being stupid…lol

If I was peaking for some athletic event, I try every advantage I can.

If I’m just on a cycle not peaking for some event, then I save the creatine for when I come off. I also like to have every advantage I can when coming off the gear.

Personal Preference

I agree I don’t think it would have any synergy with the gear so it’s best to save it for when you go off.

wouldn’t it just create more water retention?

I’ve eaten creatine every training day for the past 4 years. In my opinion, every serious lifter should never go off creatine or whey.
Why ever stop? When they (supplement companies) talk about creating ‘cycles’ it’s ridiculous. Creatine is found in meat, fish, poultry, etc. Its a food product, and a nutrient which increases levels of creatine phosphate in muscles. Why ‘cycle’ such a useful micronutrient?

Yea see that’s what I was pondering on, the water retention aspect of it, even though I too don’t really beleive on cycling creatine. I feel it should be something you should generally be taking anyway.
Hmmm any other opinions would be welcome.


Guys,your forgetting something…One of the mechanisms of how steroids work is by increasing the creatine levels in your body to quite a high degree(some more so than others),so if the steroids already increase your creatine levels,then there would be no point in using it whilst on the gear.It’s obvious really!!!

Powerhouse… if you are right then it has put my mind at ease, ok gonna go do some research now…:smiley: