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Creatine while cutting?

Has anyone used creatine while on a cutting diet? I know that it is generally used for mass phases but isn’t one of the benefits better recovery? I am considering doing about 3 weeks Pavel type stuff after Meltdown and was thinking of doing low carb and jump rope to carry on fat loss and using creatine for recovery. Feedback appreciated. BTW if this sounds dorky it was someone else using my name to post.

Using creatine while cutting isn’t a bad idea at all. I’ve stayed on it during my current cutting phase. I had my BF% checked this AM and it had dropped from 9.4% to 7.8% in only a week. I’ve been using creatine after my AM cardio sessions (with carbs) and after my PM weight sessions. I think it has helped me maintain the fullness in my muscles in spite of glycogen depletion. I even read that they’re considering recommending it for the elderly to prevent some of the muscle loss associated withe aging process. I’ve also used 5 grams of HMB a day, plus up to 30 grams of glutamine, depending on whether or not I do cardio (4 days a week- as much as I hate it). Two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, and less than 1g carbs per pound, too. Creatine is a good call in my opinion. Good luck.

If you are going keto be careful to keep hydrated enough. Very important.