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Creatine, Which Brand?

Sorry don’t know if this has been posted before, my search doesn’t work, i just git java script errors

Anywhoo I’ve known some people who had good success using Creatine. So I just picked up some GNC Mega Creatine. Figured plain ol regular or… MEGA! Actually it was on sale and I only had 30$, so shoot me :slight_smile: Kind of curious what everyone else is using and what it has in it that made you pick it out.

Also looked into Surge… is Surge creatine or a form of it?

Surge is a post-workout drink for better recovery. Let’s say you just killed yourself at the gym, Surge would help you recover faster for the nextwork. Creatine just supplies ATP energy for stronger lifts.

Surge and Creatine are not the same thing. It’s like apples and oranges when compared between the two.

All creatine is the same. Your best bet is to buy microminized creatine for quicker intake, but aside from that, it doesn’t matter if you bought Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory Creatine and GNC.

Just get micromized creatine. Micro means smaller particles aka easier intake for the body. 30 dollars is too expensive for creatine.

Buy the cheapest creatine monohydrate you can find. Don’t go for anything fancy. No additional ingredients (you can always add your own for cheaper if you want).

I use both Surge and creatine.

Any micronized creatine. I have like a year’s supply from Met-Rx for only $20 (1 kilogram).

Anything that has the “creapure” label, as this is the highest quality and is made to the strictest standards in the world.

Mmmmm… thanks for giving me another question/answer to add to my creatine article!

Agreed with all advice spoken so far, but would like to add that you should never buy anything from GNC, which is the biggest rip-off store in the world. Just find a good online whole-saler and save yourself 70% on the same supps…

Propower, Beverly Nutrition, or Nutrabiotics.


Funny… I just bought my first tub for an upcoming bulking cycle. I went into GNC and got their brand because it was 19 bucks for 200 servings (5mg)… However this was 50% off making the original price 40 dollars…pretty steep, but i guess thats for almost 6 months of the stuff.

Is the estherfied creatine market still somewhat of a hot button issue? I know there was controversy a while back as to if the stuff was actually real. I know it is supposed to make water retention a non issue, however, has it been proven as effective as the regular stuff as far as strenth gains?

If you really want big boost try Methyl EFX that seemed to do the trick for me! Great pump Great gains Great freakin boost…so far so good…bout to add Carbolin 19 to my lil mixture o’ supplements hehehe