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Creatine, Whey Protein & Carbs?


Hey guys!!
This is my 1st post so don't rip on me to hard!

I have a question concerning creatine.I know that if you take between 5-10grams of creatine w/60-100grams of a simple carb that it will create a significant spike in insulin levels therefore delivering it into your muscles more effectively.

However i read in a magazine a while back that you would be able to create the same effect by cutting carbs in half and adding 20-30grams of whey protein.Has any one tried this combo and if so were the results positive.I tend to gain fat easily really don't need the extra carbs!


Hey bro no real need for the carbs at all. whey alone can cause an insulin spike. That and its really not needed for the creatine. Helpfull maybe a little. Just takew the creatine in your post w/o Surge, or Surge like drink on w/o days and just take it on non w/o days.

Its more important that you get the creatine dissolved (HOT/WARM liquid). This in and of itself will assure that the creatine gets taken up.

There are numerous article etc here on it. Look at Dave Barrs stuuf as well as Cy Willson.


what mag was it in?


the only thing i know about creatine is that the first week you have to do an "over-do" effect, so you take each day 5times 5grammes
and the next 3weeks you take only 5grammes a day
then you have to stop otherwise your body will get lasy and will stop producing it on its own..

another important fact is that the best is that you have to take it with fruit-juice, but not orange-juice.. take apple-juice
because orange-juice "destroys" the good effect of creatine..


Man, oh man, I'll try to blunt the response to this one. . .

Please plug creatine into the search function here at T-Nation and read up on it. Especially check out Dave Barr's article on creatine; you can find it in the Articles section.

Let us know if we can clear anything up for you.