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Creatine & Weight Changes


i just took creatine for a 2 week period to see what types of effects it had on me....anyways for the past 2 weeks i gained 6 pounds and for some reason today i lost 4 pounds of it ..I'm just wondering why that happened any answer would be great thanks


When you say "today i lost 4 pounds", do you mean you weigh 4 pounds less than you did yesterday? Or what time frame are you talking about?


He lost four pounds of the six so in total he gained two pounds.


From my experience its all of the water being retained. I can be totally wrong but I have noticed gains/losses of 5 pounds in a very short timespan as well.

Here is a link I found that briefly describes the water retention associated with creatine.

Hope this helps.


I am guessing that your fluctuation has very little to do with the Creatine and probably more to do with your diet the last two weeks.


yep thats what i ment..ill check agian tomoro morning and see if i lost the rest of it...any reasons why this happend im still talking it just as much and im eating 6 meals a day


thanks celeronpm


Working more, sweating more?? Hotter??? Hydration???



no iv had exams the past 2 days when iv lost most of it so iv basicly been sitting on my ass and studying ..and i got drunk one night so i dont know


I'm bulking and gaining weight at the moment. The best thing for tracking my progress had been to weigh myself in kilograms. Since 1kg is about 2.2lbs, fluctuations of 4-5lbs I don't pay attention to and are easier to track I find. So if I go on the scale one day and lose/gain a kg or two, I just disregard the gains. But after a month or 2 passes and I see changes of 3-4kgs, then I can be sure there has been a significant change. Anyone else see where I'm coming from?


"I got drunk one night"

Sometimes drinking (especially heavily) results in a dramatic loss of water weight. Ever noticed how much people pee when they're wasted? I wouldn't be surprised if your drinking resulted in you just pissing away 4 lbs of water. You'll get it back. Stick in there, slugger!


i prolly pissed like 6 or 7 times from what i remeber..thanks for that tip tho