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Creatine Water?

Haha I realize basically every question regarding Creatine has been ask on here, however This is one I have not seen.

First off, I’m new to the idea of taking creatine with that said, I have researched the usage of it and the recommendations on the proper way of starting off and doing it the safest way and seeing results. I’ve found that, yes it is very important to drink as much water as possible during the maintenance dose – a good amount being 64 oz.

Finally my Question haha:
how much water is suggested I drink during the first 5 days of the Loading Dose?

thanks for your guys help:]

Never heard anything specific about drinking extra water due to creatine – I definitely gained some water weight due to it though, could see my muscles were slightly bigger…

I would usually just drink one medium glass of water when taking my creatine… If you’re not drinking too little water in general, I don’t think you need to worry.

Couple things-

You should be drinking a gallon of water everyday anyway- so it doesn’t matter.

Creatine loading phases are pointless.

I answered the water intake guidelines for general and with creatine usage here:



Dave Barr has covered pretty much every facet of creatine use here: