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Creatine Water Retention


Okay so let me give you a brief idea of where I'm at. I am a mixed martial artist who has been competing at 185, with a walk around weight of about 195.

I am dieting to 178 for same day weigh ins (meaning I actually have to weigh this, not dehydrate to this) for a boxing tournament in march.

I am following the precision nutrition plan and am already down to about 188.

I have been thinking about adding creatine back into my supplementation regiment for its obvious benefits but am a little hesitant to do so because of the water retention side effects and the possibility of that increasing the difficulty of my making weight.

My dose would be 3 grams daily of creatine monohydrate.

What is your suggestion?


I read through some of the ISSN certification material recently on this. Their position is that you don't retain any extra water as a percentage of new muscle tissue (muscle is 73% water). I can't imagine 3 grams a day would really cause that. If anything, you'd be doing yourself the benefit of possibly topping of phosphocreatine levels, which is used for immediate energy (as I understand it).


Thanks for the response. I am only hesitant because when it comes to losing the last few pounds every bit of chemistry matters.

When I do do a dehydration weigh in, chewing 5 pieces of gum, and missing my last half gallon of water (out of 3!) two days before can turn the cut into hell from a relative breeze.


If your boxing or in mma, then instead of creatine i would go with a Beta-Alanine supp.


I have to say..I never experience any bloat from creatine mono and I've dosed at well over 10g a day before...Just due to certain protein blends having it as well..and taking it pre workout ..during workout...post workout.

...in fact, I don't think I notice much at all from creatine..but, fuck..it's so cheap that you have no reason not to use it really.


I've never put on extra water weight when supplementing with creatine, although I'm sure its an individual thing. You have until March you said? Add it in and see what happens, you've got plenty of time to correct any water bloat issues if you notice any.


As for beta alanine, I already take that stuff both in surge w.o. fuel and out, good suggestion as it is great stuff.

I think I'm going to go with what you guys said and just try it. If its a week before weigh ins and I'm still holding water I can cut it out of the protocol


I always put on precisely 5lbs of weight from creatine. Takes about a week, but it happens every time.

It's a bit odd waking up one day 5lbs heavier than the previous day.

Like clockwork, when I stop taking it, I lose 5lbs in about a week.


I'm surprised people say they don't gain weight when taking creatine. I always gain about 5 pounds within a couple of weeks of taking it.


you know you can just stop taking it and drop the water weight in less than a week


But what is the point in that if I won't have the benefits of the supplement during competition? Would any gains in strength and power during training stay?

What about previous day weigh ins, if I do end up cutting it out, would there be any benefit from taking it during my dehydration phase. Or, would this just result in a lot of bloating


it may help your training, making it more effective, in the end giving you greater over all benefit



plus I found that it has helped me add reps. Almost like a second wind.


omg super water weight creatine bloat


Same exact thing happens to me, lol.


I don't know if you've ever had to cut weight before, but a simple change chewing 5 piece of gum during cut can slow the rate that you lose water by 20% or more.


please don't beat me up with your mma skillz

i am part of the crowd that thinks 'creatine bloat' claims are wildly exagerated


The guy didn't even threaten you. You can't be that insecure can you?

Defekt you might as well try another site that possibly has more fighters with more experience than here. Because it seems that no one is going to know or be able to help you.

Also let me know if you do find something out because I'm interested in this too. I hear it takes a month for creatine to get out of your system so I'm wondering if I would need to cycle off it or not too.


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