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Creatine, Water, and Cutting

Aprox. how long does it take to loose the water weight when comming off creatine? Since creatine adds water to your muscles, does it tend to make them more rounded(less cut)? The reason I ask the previous questions is because I was wondering if you would get a better cut w/o creatine.

I would imagine that any bloat (bloat in general) would be gone after 3-5 days of flushing your system. If you wanted to max out the process drink 1.5 gallons lemon water a day, have 1-2 diet cokes (or black coffee), and do cardio in the morning or do some kind of sweat-inducing exercise after your weight training. Your excess bloat should be gone at a max of 4 days and you should look your best after 5-6.

Good luck.

No, the water gain won’t look like bloat. This was addressed in another thread that’s still active. Also, I addressed creatine losses from muscle in the article a few weeks ago.