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Creatine vs Glutamine



Have been doing some search on some of the supplements in body building and I have came across this 2 muscle building ingredeints. Basically, I have been reading contradicting information about them, for instance, some say take them together while other say take them seperately (Due to them using the same receptors).

So I would like to know y'all opinions on this, is it better taking it together or seperately. If seperately, is it better to take which pre-workout and which post workout.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


They don't target any receptors. Take them however you want.

As long as you put them in your socks of course.


I wouldn't bother with glutamine. It costs way too much for what it does.




Glutamine is pretty useless IMO.


When creatine creatinizes itself into creatinine, it creates a creature which creams at the thought of creapure.

Seriously people, you can type half your questions in google and get PLENTY of results. And technically before anyone makes a 'this vs that" thread, they should research both compounds on their own and their effects/functions in the body. The you would be able to come up with an answer on your own.

Not to be a douche, so I'll still say something.

Creatine is good. Plain and simple. Here's a nice summary about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creatine#Health_effects

Glutamine depends. If you're taking it just to "build muscle" then don't waste your money. You get enough from food in regards to building muscle. However if you want to improve the health of your digestive system and/or improve your blood pH (Like from a high protein diet) then glutamine is good.

Case in point: Buy creatine, and take glutamine if you want to treat the things I mentioned above. Otherwise save your money.


Oh 0k, thanks a lot.


Yeah, I'd always thought of glutamine as a digestive health thing. But I'd probably put digestive enzymes and/or a probiotic higher on the list of things to get.


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Very true. I take glutamine simply because it has had an amazing impact on my gut health, and has also helped with a multitude of things related to my blood pH and my high protein diet(as was mentioned above).


Might want to read this study before coming to a final conclusion regarding Glutamine:


(NOTE: If PDF doesn't load then click on the manual download link)

You could pulse Glutamine throughout the day at 2-5g per meal and consistently boost your natural GH. If you can't afford it all day long then try pre-WO and post-WO at a dose that doesn't cause GI distress. Experiment with a dose that works for you.

At $0.03 - $0.07 / gram, Glutamine is a great addition to my supplement stack.