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Creatine + Very Low BF?

Hey guys.

After a very long bulk, I am currently cutting with a goal of trying to see my abs…I estimate that I have about 7-8 lbs of fat left until I reach around 6-7% bf. To lose the last of it, I was thinking about trying Chad Waterbury’s “Waterbury Summer Project”:

which you might remember from a few years ago. The only thing is, it contains a lot of big compound lifts and recommends creatine monohydrate. In my experience, creatine significantly raises both my 1RM but I also really feel the water retention and bloat effects. Is it even possible to see your abs while on creatine?

The reason I ask is that I haven’t done compound lifts while NOT taking creatine for years, thus my 1RM numbers are all wrong and I can’t figure out the optimal loading without getting back on it.

But if I go back on it, can I get the results I want? I haven’t been under 10% bf for a decade, so I have no experience here. I might need to just stick to my current program :\


I’ve been taking creatine for 2 years now. I’ve been able to see my abs for the entire duration.

Height, weight?

Why the fuck would you worry about water retention if youre not getitng on stage. That shit is simple enough to manipulate once youre REALLY shredded.

Increase your potassium intake and water intake while on creatine. creatine will keep fullness and strength high and it mkes NO SENSE to avoid it while getting ripped.

If youve scheduled a shoot next week or something, then cut creatine intake the week of the shoot and switch to glycerine, and sharply increase water intake then. A day before ths shoot cut the water and carb-load and see the fun.