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Creatine Use and Leaning Out Phase

Hey guys,

I am currently entering a leaning out phase so I will be incorporating cardio about 3 times a week. Brisk walking at an incline twice a week for an hour and HIIT cardio for 20 minutes on the 3rd day.

Now since i am cutting down, can I take creatine to help maintain/gain lean muscle mass or will it have an opposite effect and sabotage my fat loss efforts?

I always recommend creatine (with consent from a doctor of course). Monohydrate will add a few pounds of water weight, but it aids in recovery. It will still be handy to have for your weight training, not to mention studies show it to be healthy in general.

I would say keep it in there, but it also depends on what creatine you get. I am using Gaspari Size On, and I don’t get the bloat that I normally get from monohydrate. Granted, it’s meant more for size gains, but I think with proper diet and such you would be fine.

You could definately still take creatine. I just dont recommend doing a monohydrate when cutting i like Beta-K by ultimate nutrition its a great kre-alkalyn(buffered cratine) i always use it when cutting to maintain my strength.

Thanks for the input guys