Creatine Usage, Legit or Detrimental?

Im a 17 yearold. I play football and wrestle. Last year i went to state for wrestling and finished 11th. This football season i started using creatine. I’ve increased my max on bench by 40 pounds and squat and deadlift by 70 pounds.

Im just wondering if creatine is a legit way to help and or if it is detrimental to me and my shape.

I can tell its definately helped me with football. but im not sure whether or not it will help with wrestling or not.

Do you think creatine knows the difference when your body is doing tasks for football or wrestling?

It’s safe. Probably unnecessary at your age, but its safe.

Your biggest concern needs to be food, and you probably have conflicting coaches when it comes to that. Typically, your football coach is going to want you to put weight on, and your wrestling coach is going to want you to stay within your weight class. It you want a decent physique five years from now, listen to the football coach.

Limiting your food intake to limit your bodyweight at this stage in your life could be detrimental to your endocrine system. And that’s common among high school wrestling.

Creatine is definitely safe, but again, make eating lots of healthy food your main priority and you’ll see some awesome results in the next few years.