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Creatine Up Till Comp

This ones more for the competitors out there but u have a comp in a few weeks and was just wondering what others have done in regards to creatine in the weeks leading up whether you drop it completely or nbot until water load phase.

I dropped it for my last comp but i am feeling and looking much better for this one and am still taking it.

it depends on what type of creatine your taking

Tri Creatine Malate with added arginine L-Carnosine, Glutamine magnesium and zinc

I personally drop all Creatine 2 weeks out from a competition.


thats a good combo i would say you would be fine right up until the comp.

I wouldnt do monohydrate. well of coarse you should cycle creatine and if your in the loading phase you would look bloated untill your body adapts.

I don’t see how creatine will benefit you with anything leading up to a bodybuilding comp. Physiologically I personally don’t think it will be doing much to help you that last week or two leading up to the show.

I’d drop it.


I have my clients take it untill the wed or thur prior to the show.

At least one study shows that it facilitates carb loading.