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Creatine Type and Timing


I was just hoping people could post their experiences with the different types of creatines (monohydrate, ethylester, etc.) and the timing of each one (1/2 hour before training, 1/2 hour after, 6 hours apart, etc.) as well as the dosing of each type. I hope to learn about the best creatine out there as well as the best way to take it. Thanks.


I think you're over-thinking this. Creatine (any kind); mono is cheapest and just as effective. Post-workout in your PWO shake, in my opinion.


Monohydrate PWO

Never particularly noticed anything spectacular, but monohydrate is dirt cheap so I use it anyway.


And, Lo, it was said,
"Let There Be Light (or at the very least, an informative article on that there creatine stuff)."

And so there was... (and there was much rejoicing).